EVER AFTER by Rachel Lacey

August 25, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

First off let me just tell you how much I love this cover. OMG, it's light and cute and you can just feel the magic that is contained in the book.  I just adore animals on book covers. I instantly look up the books that I see animals or children on the cover. Wth that said, on to my review

Painting the side of a brain is not what Olivia Bennett had in mind for her 29th birthday. But when you have enough drinks in your system, anything is possible, especially when you are trespassing on other people's property and defacing their building.

Olivia is not trying to relive her teenage days if that's what your thinking, she's trying to stand up for the animals that not much people want to stand up for. She stands up for the cruel injustice that chickens go through before they are brought to the slaughter house in her local chicken farm. Yes, and I did mean chickens.

Before she can finish writing her message, however, bright lights flashed on her and the so-called "friends" that were helping her, ran for the hills, leaving poor Olivia to fend for herself.  And when you're drunk by yourself on top of a ladder, falling into the arms of the most gorgeous lawman she has ever seen could happen, and it did for Olivia.  Too bad she does not like men in uniform.

Pete Sampson got a call that someone was trespassing at the local chicken plant.  When he arrived, he was just in time to catch a kid from falling from a ladder, with his body.  On closer inspection, he realized that it was not a stupid kid pulling a prank, with a highly intoxicated female, with a car, but no keys.

Having no choice but to arrest her, Pete takes her in and his life was not the same after that. Pete finds himself attracted to Olivia but keeps his distance since he was her arresting officer and the sheriff wants to pin a string of vandalism charges on Olivia, making her bad company.

Unfortunately for him, you cannot control your hormones and his hormones have him by his balls following Olivia all over town. The sheriff does not like that he has associated himself with Olivia and that may jeopardize Pete's chances of a promotion.

But Olivia herself starts to get vandalized, and the other officers at the station were not taking Olivia seriously, even when the acts of vandalism seem to get bigger and bigger until someone ended up in the hospital. Pete cannot stand by and let Olivia get hurt so he puts it to himself to find out who is behind the vandalism, even with the stubborn woman refusing to co-operate and stay low.

Can Pete keep Olivia safe whilst trying to catch the culprit?  Would Olivia back down from what she believes in to save herself? Who ended up in the hospital?  Find out in the third installment of the Love and Resue Series, Ever After.

I loved the first two books in the series but for some reason, I had fun reading the book, but this book did not do it for me.  I have been anticipating this book for months now and now that I've finally read it, it was not up to my expectations.  Maybe my expectations were too high, sometimes that can be a bad thing.

Let's talk about Olivia.  She was a brat. Plain and simple.  It's admirable that she wants to save the chickens from being treated cruelly before they are slaughtered.  Not much people care, but Olivia does, but she goes about it the wrong way.

She's 29 for goodness sake not 15, but it seems as if she does not want to grow up just yet.  Her parents are famous lawyers and they wanted her to be a lawyer too, but something happened and she dropped out of school.  Now Olivia does not know what she wants to do with her life so she is just drifting through until she can figure out what she wants out of life.

At first, I thought that she ended up this way was because of her strict parents, but that was not the case.  Her father loves her and shows it and her mom was not mentioned much in the book, but she seemed loving too.  My only conclusion is that Olivia is a spoiled rich girl who does not want to grow up, yet she wants to be independent.

Okay, that was the part of OliviaI could not stand, now lets talk about the parts that I do like. Olivia has a kind heart and loves to help out her friends whenever possible. She does not want to give up and when something forces her too, she feels disappointed in herself. Olivia would stand up for something that most people would tell her was a waste of time and that is very admirable about her.  

Olivia has a record of dating lost causes and thought that her luck with men was finally turning around when she felt attraction for Pete. Unfortunately, Pete is emotionally unavailable, at least, that's what he tells himself. I don't understand why Olivia got the idea that she was a constant screw-up and it was bringing her down in a big way, it's a good thing that Pete came into her life...or was it the other way around.

Pete was difficult.  He had one failed marriage and a father behind bars and suddenly it's all his fault.  Maybe he has a God complex or maybe not, but Pete needed to get over himself. When he met Olivia he wanted nothing to do with her and was prepared to think the worst of her.

Even when they became involved he was quick to think the worst, even though he was the only one in the station that did not write her off.  Typical man, he was emotionally unavailable and wanted to have sex with a warm, loving and caring woman without emotional attachment.

Why do men think this way?  I liked the chemistry between Olivia and Pete, but I did not like their sex scenes.  The only one I liked was when they were interrupted, now that was funny. The sex scenes were not bad, it's just that I've read it all before and I would like something new rather than the touching and kissing and.....you know what I mean.

The bottom line is, I liked the book.  It was engaging and so much fun to read.  My favorite parts are those that contained the animals, they were cute and adorable and I don't usually like cats, but I could handle Hallie for a few hours, but then I'm giving her back.