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So apparently I am completely leaving out the first book in the series and going on to the third one.  I have "The Trouble with Honor" Poster on my wall, but I do not have the pleasure of reading the actual book.

Prudence Cabot is almost ready to be put on the shelf.  She has had a few seasons, but no one was even close to asking for her hand. This should be perplexing seeing as how she is beautiful, has a good dowry and has a Duke as a brother-in-law. It should be a puzzle, but Prudence knows the reason why no one is offering for her hand and it's all her two elder sisters fault.

Their plan to save the family from certain ruin gave them the type of attention they did not want from the ton.  Even years later, after the dust of the scandals barely settling, nobody wants to unite their family with that of the Cabot, especially with a rumor going around that their mother has gone mad.

Bitter at her sisters for putting her in this embarrassing position Prudence wants to go out and have an adventure, but no one thinks that she is the type of person to have an adventure. Instead, they send her out to her friend, who recently had a baby for a visit, except, Prudence never made it to her friend's house.

Halfway to her destination, while Prudence was waiting for the coach, she came across an American who was having a language barrier on his quest to find his sister.  After helping him figure out where he was going, a misunderstanding has Prudence deciding not to wait for her coach but, to ride the public coach with the stranger instead.  If for nothing else than to look at his handsome face for the remainder of her journey.  Prudence thought to herself that this can be her own little adventure and that nothing can go wrong.

Roan Matheson has the weight of the world on his shoulders.  He had to sail across the sea to go to England to find his sister and bring her back home in order to return her to her betrothed.  It should be easy, but he had a major setback because he pronounced the name of the las place for his sister was seen incorrectly.

He was distracted by a beautiful woman who was able to point him in the right direction.  As luck would have it, he saw that she was also going to same way as him and he thought that he would get to know the lovely lady who helped him.

A broken wheel, and many, many, many, stupid decisions after that finds Roan and Prudence in a compromising position.  How is Prudence's family suppose to take the news after they thought that their sister was safe and sound with her friend in the country?  Could Roan forget about his life back in America and court Prudence?  Would Prudence ever get out of this mess?  Find out in the third installment of the Cabot Sisters Series, The Scoundrel and the Debutante.

This was not a good book for me.  I just cannot believe that Prudence could be that dense.  All the trouble that Prudence and Roan encountered was all because of her.  I understand that she wanted an adventure, but when you have an adventure you have to think smart not whatever it was Prudence was thinking.

Prudence's confusing was of thinking is what made them miss their coach, she was also the reason they lost all of their money. This was such a shock since the first two books was about trying to save the family from ruin, but this book was all about Prudence, Prudence, Prudence.

From the very beginning, she blamed her bad luck on her two older sisters and left it at that. She did not try harder to make herself stand out she was perfectly fine just blaming her sisters.  Then she said that she wanted to have an adventure and sail over the sea, but her family said no and now that was just one more thing for her to sulk about.  So when she has an opportunity to go on an adventure, boy did she have one.

Roan was the total opposite to Prudence, he was kind and considerate and very helpful.  He was given the task to find his sister and bring her home and that is what he intended to do. What he did not expect was to leave his form of transportation to look for a woman who seemed to be hiding from someone.

When he does find her, her explanation of why she left was so confusing that he had to look at her as if she had two heads.  Now they both must walk until they find someone to purchase a horse from.  I felt really sorry for Roan.  He fell in love with a stubborn woman who seem to only think about herself.

He tried to get them out of difficult situations after the next but Prudence does not seem to grasp that she does not know how the world works and should follow Roan's lead, instead she thinks she knows better than him and try to speak up but only ends up making things worse.

I really like +Julia London and I liked her previous book "The Devil Takes a Bride" but this one really fell flat.  The characters were fully developed and I felt as if I was actually in the story, which I like in the books I read, the problem for me is the story line.

The heroine simply cannot be that selfish and still get a happily ever after. There were many times I just wanted to take Prudence and shake some sense into her, but she's only words in a book.  I really hope the next book in the series has an interesting storyline and amazing characters.


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