THE PRINCE AND I by Karen Hawkins

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I was so excited to receive this advance review copy of the Prince and I.  I'm seriously enjoying the Oxenburg Princes Series a whole lot and was very impatient to get this one, now that I've completed the book, I'm now impatient for the next one.  I blame +Karen Hawkins for getting me hooked on her writing.

Gregori Romanovin, a warrior Prince of Oxenburg, has seen many battlefields and many deaths to cover many lifetimes and had made his views on life tainted by what he has seen and lived on the battlefield.

His life of war has made him alert and cautious so it was a huge surprise when he was traveling to a house party, the coach that he and his grandmother was in was held-up by a bunch of ruffians.

Max, (is what everyone calls him) was outraged that he and his men were held up and "robbed" of their possessions. The most infuriating thing about this "robbery" was being bested by "The Scottish Robin Hood".

A name that the locals seem to have named him, but Max notices something off about this Robin Hood and he vows to find out what it is.  The truth was more than he bargained for.

Lady Murian is out to have vengeance.  After her husband was killed in a dual, her people were run out of their home from the same curr who murdered her husband, a powerful Earl. Forced to live in the forest until they can return to their home, Murian and her band of merry men (and women) have to obtain their everyday living by trading with other villages, but having nothing to trade with, they have no choice but to acquire some things to in order to feed their tiny village.

They came up with the brilliant idea of robbing the people that the Earl invited to his stolen home. Of course, they have to disguise themselves and the best idea that came to mind was to impersonate the infamous Robin Hood.

When one of the carriages they held up contained a Prince, Murian felt something she has not felt in a long time, passion.  After relieving the Prince and his grandmother of their possessions, Murian and her people fall back into the forest, thinking that she would never see the Prince again and ignored the twinge she felt with that thought.

Unfortunately for her, (or fortunately if you want to look at it from a romantic angle), the Prince finds Murian and her people and offers to help them in their quest to drive the Earl from their home.  With the two of them working together, they are bound to get back what they both need from the Earl the only problem is, they can't seem to get any time for themselves to explore the passion they bring out in each other.

Can Murian recover what was stolen from her?  Can Max find the evidence he needs from the Earl?  Would Murian and Max ever find time to be alone?  Find out in the second installment of the Oxenburg Princes, The Prince and I.

+Karen Hawkins has done it again, she sucked me into one of her made up worlds and reality had to force and pull me back out. The Prince and I was compelling, mesmerizing and just plain fun to read.  Murian was a woman with a plan, a plan to put her people in their rightful home at any cost.

While her people were content to live in the tiny village, Murian was dreaming big and it was nice to see all her hard work bear fruit, but believe me when I say, it was not easy.  Even with the Earl driving them out of the Castle, they were still a constant thorn in his side, for they kept breaking into the Castle to look for the one thing that can get the Earl out, and that was Murian's late husband's journal.

Murian is determined to win her people's home back.   That was something that stood out for me, she was not doing it for herself, she was not doing it to make life easier for herself, she was doing it for the people who accepted her into their home when she first came to live with them.

Max was the lucky one to come along and capture Murian's interest.  Yes, Max is a decorated war hero, yes he has earned the name "The Warrior Prince", yes he's hot and awesome but Murian is a diamond in the rough and he was so lucky to find her.

But men being men, he was willing, actually willing, to let her go because of something that happened to the wife of one of his dear (dead) friends.  I was in shock of his stupidity, but luckily for him, he got over it.

We all have Tata Natasha to thank for all this.  She is a spirited woman who would out-live her entire family. We first meet Tata Natasha in How to Pursue a Princess (which is part of The Dutchess Dairies Series) where we also met Wulf, a sexy lad who wants to get married for love and not for his money or title.

Tata Natasha may seem harsh and dominated (because she is) but she has a heart of gold and is willing to help those in need and wants what's best for her grandchildren.  If only they would listen to her, that is.

In the half-way mark of the book, the truth of why Tata Natasha wanted Max to accompany her to the Earl's house party and my respect for her dimmed a little.  I mean how could Tata do such a thing?  But I have to remind myself that she his old and thinks highly of herself, but Tata Natasha, would always be Tata Natasha, especially since she is determined to do whatever she wishes.

The Prince and I although was a fun read, it reminded me of a book I've already read. It was bugging me so much that I went through my bookshelf and found the book I was looking for which was A Rogue's Pleasure by +Hope Tarr.

A Rogue's Pleasure is about a woman whose brother is kidnaped and in order to raise the money to pay for his ransom, she disguises herself as a man and robs carriages with her elderly servant.  The Earl is baffled that he is attracted to the man that robs him at gunpoint and is determined to find out who this robber is.  He was relieved to find out that it was not a man who robbed him, but a woman.

The Rogue's Pleasure has nothing to do with Robin Hood, but you have to admit that the both of them sounds very familiar.  But even with the similar story line, both books were unique in their approach of the characters, plot, and settings.

Karen has a way of making you feel as if you are actually in the middle of all the action and I can't wait to read Max's brother, Nick's, story.  I'm sure it's going to be a good one.  In the entire series so far, Nick is rumored to be very mysterious, even to his own family.  Finally, we are going to find out why in the next book, whatever the title may be.


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