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This book, I saw it on Netgalley and I instantly liked the cover. I also love the author,  +Melissa McClone's, facebook giveaways so I gave this book a shot and I enjoyed it.

Emily Rogers is not disillusioned by life and knows that she does not need a man to make her life complete.  She is strong and capable to do anything on her own, and right now, Emily had her sights set on becoming Partner in her firm.

Emily has done more than enough to earn the title of Partner, but the higher ups at work are making her jump through flaming hoops in order to get her rightful position.

In order to become Partner, Emily was given a new assignment but this recent assignment is torture for Emily since she is going to need all of her wits about her  to find a wife for a real life prince. 

Emily does not want to babysit a spoiled brat of a Prince, but she is determined to do this and achieve her dream of becoming Partner.  Unfortunately, Prince Lucus disappears on the crew.

Prince Luc's name is a direct link to scandal.  When the rumors associated with his son's name was too much, Luc's father put his foot down and made him an ultimatum.  Either Luc got a wife or he would be disowned.

Since Luc is a Prince it is customary for him to marry a Princess and the way for him to do that is to make a television show about his quest for love.  A few days into the show Luc could not take the shallowness and escapes to a place that he finds is safe.  Unfortunately, it was not safe for long when the producers of the show sent an uptight American after him.

Luc knows that he must marry a Princess to escape his father's wrath and  to save himself from being disowned, but the fiery American sets his heart and body on fire.  Too bad she wants nothing to do with him outside of finding him a bride.  Can Luc change Emily's mind? Find out in the first installment of the Royal Holiday Series, The Cinderella Bride.

This is my first book by +Melissa McClone and I enjoyed it.  This book reminded me of a young adult book.  It was sweet and cute and missing many of the qualities needed to make it into an adult book.

Emily was firm but, fair.  She heard many rumors of Prince Lucas and was judging him as well.  But after she got to know him, she did not stick with the world's bad opinion of him, she actually found out the truth about him.  I suspected the truth early on in the book and I was happy to have my suspicions confirmed.

This is a surprising thing since based on Emily's background, she is supposed to make her distrustful of all men, but I am glad that she was a bigger person than that.

I fell in love with Prince Lucas from the very beginning.  He was so charming and got on Emily's nerves.  When he visited one of his princesses, my heart just melted.

The love story between Lucas and Emily is well written but still reminds me of a young adult book instead of an adult one.  It was sweet, cute and adorable and I want to read the rest of the story.

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