SUGAR ON TOP by Marina Adair

July 12, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I received this book in the mail and I loved it.  I would have read it all in one day, but unfortunately, life butted in. I got the book, sat down, admired the cover (because it's an awesome cover) and I was sucked into the amazing world of Sugar on Top.

When you do a good deed, you're supposed to be rewarded in some way for said good deed. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Glory Mann. All Glory wanted to do was to return a tractor her grandmother and her crazy friends "borrowed" before they could get into trouble.

That is how the local police were able to arrest Glory on said tractor wearing her nothing but her embarrassing pajamas.

After that face flaming fiasco, Glory had to go to court. She was given a sentence that was the absolute last thing Glory ever wanted to do.  Becoming the temporary chairman of the Miss Peach Pageant.

If that was not bad enough, the judge also appointed her best friend's brother, Cal McGraw, as co-chairman; that would not have been so bad except the man barely knows that she exists.

All Cal McGraw wants to do is to raise his daughter and to have zero drama in his life.  After a messy divorce and his little girl not being his little girl anymore how is Cal suppose to cope with all these changes.

Being forced to be co-chairman of the Moss Peach Pageant does not help matters, seeing as he only got the position because he decided to help his brother's best friend, who is nothing but trouble with a capital T.

After being found in a compromising position years ago, the whole town shuns Glory. Even though Cal does not agree with what the town is doing, he decided to stay out of it since it had nothing to do with him.  Now he is right in the middle of things and he can't seem to stay away from Glory.

Maybe it's the crazy chemistry that the both of them seem to create when they are in close proximity with each other or that Cal finds her totally hot but, Cal finds himself being pulled into Glory's orbit and he has no way of stopping it.

Would Cal go with the flow and accept Glory?  Would Glory ever get a break?  Would the Miss Peach Pageant be a success? Or would outside forces find a way to ruin their plans.  Find out in the second installment of the Sugar, Georgia Series, Sugar on Top.

Thank you, Mirina Adair, for this stunning book filled with tension, hope and mobster grannies. Yes, you heard me correctly, mobster grannies with Glory's grandmom being one of the gang.

The judge could not have found a more harsh punishment for Glory in this book.  She hated the town, she hated pageants, especially The Miss Sugar Pageant, as well as peaches, which was the base of the pageant.  That coupled with almost the entire town hating her, you have yourself one miserable gal.

I like Glory.  She stayed in a town she hated just so that she can stay close to her grandmom so that she can take care of her without making it look as if she was actually taking care of her.  She learned to keep her head up high in the face of rude stares and harsh whispers about her.  How can you not admire a woman like that?

Cal, on the other hand, seem like a stuck up moron compared to Glory.  He is the type of person that comes up with an opinion all on his own and finds that everyone else must also have the same opinion.  He dislikes the Miss Sugar Pageant and shoots down his daughter's dream of entering based on his opinion of the pageant.

He shot his daughter down flat and cold, no discussion or room for her own opinion, yet is perplexed when she gets mad at him. I still fell in like with Cal even with his bullish attitude.  His heart more than made up for it.

This book was inspirational, heart-warming and just plain fun to read.  With that being said, I can't wait to read more of Marina Adair books.


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