JUST ONE TASTE by Kimberly Kincaid

July 30, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was, how should I put this, neat and tidy.  It had not conflict, it had no heat, it was just a bunch of words on a page.  Plus, the cover reminds me of Cupcake and Crushes by Keri Ford.

Jesse Oliver had had a rough time his entire life.  Being a medic in Afghanistan has thought Jesse to be alert at all times and his training came in handy when the pipes in his apartment  suddenly burst, flooding the entire apartment.

It seemed that not only Jesse's apartment was the only unlucky one.  All the pipes in every apartment exploded, including his hot neighbor who lives above him.

Due to the pipes bursting, everyone in the apartment must now find a tempory place to stay until the landlord can do repairs, the only thing is, Jesse has no other option than to sleep in his car.

Luck is finally on his side when a buddy of his who was also a medic in Afghanistan gave him permission to stay at his lake house in exchange to fixing the place up a bit.  Glad that he does not have to squeeze his tall frame into his small car, Jesse agrees.

Before Jesse can even get settled, his friend's sister pulls up to the lake house to stay and she likes to have her own space.  Things become more interesting when he realized that his sexy neighbor from upstairs is also his friend's sister.

Kat McMarrin cannot believe her luck.  Finally having a place to call her own only had to be flooded by what seems like one-hundred-year-old pipes; that was not the type of Karma that she needs in her life right now. Having no choice but to stay at her run-down lake house, she shows up only to get a surprise of an unexpected neighbor.

Liking her own space, but not wanting to leave Jesse to fend for himself in his car, Kat agrees to give up her precious space until they can both go back to their separate apartments.  All she has to do is ignore the undertone vibrations of sexual tension that seem to get stronger, the more time they spend together.  But for she can't ignore it and it frustrates her that Jesse seem to be holding himself back.

Is Jesse holding himself back? Would Kat ever find out what is holding Jesse from acting on the attraction they both feel?  Would Jesse and Kat ever hook up? And would Kat's brother be okay with his baby sister and friend hooking up?  Find out in the fourth (and a half) installment of the Pine Mountain Series, Just One Kiss.

This book had my attention.  Sure the cover reminded me of another book, but this book sounded so cool.  I love books that have a conflict of interests and this book had none.  I thought every book had some kind of conflict between their pages, but apparently not this one.

+Kimberly Kincaid had a nice idea with poor execution.  The sexual tension between Jesse and Kat were described, but I did not feel the heat.  The book was well written, but the start of the book was more believable than the middle and the end.

Kat and Jesse spilled their secrets way to easy.  Usually, people with their background would have more angst and be more tight-lipped about their past.  Not Kat and even though Jesse kept his secret longer, it did not take much for him to spill his beans.

Kat seemed to understand everything.  She understood why Jesse was quiet, she understood why he was staying away from her and when she got herself worked up to a good mad, her anger was dispelled by a dew words from Jesse and she was as cool as a cucumber.

I seriously could not understand how this book could be written beautifully and be enjoyable with no conflict?  I'm still baffled by this.  The book did not bring out any emotion out of me besides frustration, seeing how everything was easily solved.

Even with none of the conflict I am accustomed to reading from books like this, I still found that this book was appealing.


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