FIND MY WAY HOME by Michele Summers

July 12, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

What do you get when you combine Betty Boop and Daffy Duck?  Unexpectedly you get the fourth of July.  Well with all the fire-works going off, I thought it was the fourth of July.  Michele Summers wrote an amazing story that had me a little disappointed at the end.  Read on to find out why.
Bertie Anderson is an interior decorator with her own business who has the determination to get out of her home town. Even if that means quitting her business and accepting a lowly position at a firm in the city of Atlanta, the design capital of the South. Everything was going as plan until Keith Morgan walked into her life.

He's talented, handy and hot as fire and Bertie thought he was gay and made the mistake of telling him that.  Let's just say that Keith did not take kindly to being called gay, especially not from the ridiculously well shapely Bertie Anderson.

Keith Morgan went to see a man named Bert, that his aunt recommended, to redecorate his new home.  Leaving the fast lane for a more simple life for the sake of his ten year old daughter, Keith just wants some peace and quiet, but instead he gets a clumsy, big chested woman who dress inappropriately for a work site that he can't keep his hands off of. 

They both came to the understanding that staying away from each other was the best thing to do, but in a small town such as Harmony, there is no such thing as that.  Things were made worse when Keith's aunt gave Bertie and him an offer they could not refuse which has Bertie staying gin town longer than usual and Keith bride hunting.

Thinking that Bertie is not the right woman that he needs for his daughter he sets out to find the perfect bride, but how can he when the only one on his mind is Bertie and it does not help matters that his daughter seems to adore Bertie as well.

Can Daffy Duck, sorry, I mean Keith get over himself in time to realize that Bertie is the best thing for him and find his way home or would he let the women of his past mess up his future.  Find out in the exciting tale of "Find my way Home"

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