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This was such a sweet book.  This romance was cute and touching and it's only book one in the series.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the books in the series.

Annie Cookie left her hometown and never looked back.  She did not want to stay in the that she was most betrayed in. Unfortunately for her, her grandfather broke his wrist and would not be able to do his job.  This would not have been all that bad except that his bakery would be at risk at losing two big orders.

Annie is happy to help out her grandparents, especially since they took her in when no one else wanted her, but she just wish that she did not have to go back into the place where her heart was broken.

With determination, Annie returns to Turtle Pine to help her grandfather but was in for a shock.  Not only was she expected to bake seven hundred cupcakes, she also has to bake a cake for her sister that stole her high school sweetheart.

Not wanting anything to do with her half-sister, Annie plans on doing the cupcakes and then leave the place that is the origin of all her misery.

That was her plan anyway until a hot and sexy blast from her past has Annie wanting to change her plans and to move back home, bad memories and all.

When Cade Revlin was in high school, he had the biggest of crushes on Annie Cookie.  The only problem is, she was dating his big brother. Staying true to the unwritten bro-cod, he kept his feelings to himself.

All bets were off when is idiot brother, let the most amazing girl go and hooked up with her sister instead, but before he can make his move on the girl of his dreams, Annie pulled away from everyone and moved away from town.

Now Annie is back in town to help her grandfather, and he only has a week to change her mind about moving away again.  Can his feelings penetrate the wall that Annie erected around her heart?  Or would the devils of the past be too much for Annie and she leaves town forever?  Find out in the first installment of the Turtle Pine Series, Cupcakes and Crushes.

+Keri Ford wrote a book about heartbreak and love that had me moved beyond words.  Annie situation growing up was bad.  She was the reminder that her father had an affair whilst he was still married to another woman.

If that was not bad enough, her mother abandoned her because she wanted to forget the stupid mistake she made and her father did not want her and made up with his wife.  If it was not for her grandparents, Annie might have been put into foster care.

Life was great with her grandparents until too little dark clouds descended over her and made her life a living hell.  The final straw was when her sister stole her boyfriend from her. After that  incident, she vowed to not depend on anyone else and to get away from this town and the pain that it caused her.

Years later, she's pulled back again into the hell that was her childhood but now she is having second thoughts.  Could her brain have made her memories of Turtle Pine worst than it actually was?  It was a good thing she had a strong and sexy distraction to help her remember the good times instead of only the bad things that happened to her in Turtle Pine.

Cade was your everyday book boyfriend.  He had a crush on Annie since  High School and to think that it was still going strong after all these years,  too bad it was only one sided. Cade wants Annie to stay in Turtle Pine where she belongs and the only way he can think of to do that is to seduce her into staying.

I know, I know, men and their enormous ego, but I had to say it was a good plan.  He did not force her or made her do anything that she was not comfortable doing, he was his sweet sexy self and that was all it took for tempting Annie into staying.

This was fun, engaging and fun to read.  My only problem was with Annie.  She made some bad memories make her stay away from the people who love her the most and man can she hold a grudge for a long time.

I don't understand how she could feel the way she was feeling when she and Cade's brother were.................................

Sorry, I can't tell you that.  It would ruin the book.  I guess you have to go and buy the book to find out.


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