IT'S IN HIS KISS by Jill Shalvis

June 03, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This is a book about escaping and finding your own voice. I liked this book, which is no surprise since I love all +Jill Shalvis's books.

Becca Thrope has always wanted to live by the beach. After growing up in the hectic way she did, a beach is a welcome respite from her everyday life.

Finally having enough, Becca uproots her life and throw caution to the wind and moves to Lucky Harbor temporarily, where she full fills her wish of living near a beach.

She must now find her missing muse and prove to herself that she can make it on her own.  Things become tricky when she meets a sexy surfer on her first day in Lucky Harbor and the dark intensity in his eyes as if he can see right through her.

His touch also makes her body sing and Becca is not sure she wants to pursue him or admire him from afar.  She should not have distractions from her goals, but it's okay to look, right?

Sam Brody is an investment genius who also loves to build boats in his free time even with the limited free time he has.  After meeting Becca, he feels this connection to her that he, as a man, tries to ignore.  Unfortunately, the more he tries to ignore her the more she pops up in his mind.

After growing up with an unreliable man for a father, Sam is reluctant to get involve with someone who calls Lucky Harbor a pit stop.  When the attraction got so out of hand that they end up in crossing the line between kind of, sort of friends to something much more.

When Becca comes knocking applying for the job they placed in the ad for someone to take care of the phones, Sam is torn.  He knows better than mixing business with pleasure, but he wants to hear her laugh and to, surprisingly, be near her every day.

He wants to find out all of her problems and fix them, but could this be love? But when Becca's brother comes to town, asking her for help, again, would he be able to tempt her back to her glamorous life in the big city?  Or would Sam be enough for her to stay in Lucky Harbor?  Find out in the 10th installment of The Lucky Harbor Series, It's in his kiss.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I enjoy +Jill Shalvis's books?  I cannot stress that enough, her books takes me places that feel like a magic carpet ride and when I finish it's like, poof, I'm back to reality.  It's hurts when reality crowds in.

Becca was a joy.  She had a lot of responsibility growing up and she feels guilty that she did something selfish for the first time in her life and is living for herself. Even with her parents not supporting her decision, Becca still went for it.

She had a goal for herself and she went for it with a smile.  I must admit, her mouth did surprise me.  The things she would say in certain situations did not match up to her personality, yet for some reason, it worked and I liked her all the more for it.

Sam is your typical grouchy sexy guy that seem to be mysterious.  He was forceful one moment and then sweet the next and he was always sexy.  Sam is the kind of man who you would expect not to take an interest in any one's life other than his own.

When he starts to pursue Becca, cutting down all her defenses until he finally learns to depend on someone other than her own, he stole my heart.  After the hand he was dealt in life, I thought he would be opposed to having a relationship, but he was the one who started it and this was also the first relationship not to end (technically). 

Becca got mad at Sam for female reasons and wanted to end the relationship.  Even with the amount of unexpected feeling Becca stirred in Sam, and he was scared, he did not want to do the man thing and turn tail and run.

He wanted this relationship with Becca but when she wanted to call if off, Sam was not having that. He was relentless in getting her back and was successful of course. This is one of the few books where I was not disturbed by the mushy feelings at the end of the book.  For once it was a perfect ending.

This book almost made it to a perfect score for me except I always felt as if I was missing something.  I did not get a sense of Becca's and Sam's background.  Also, their family seems so flat as if they don't exist.

Becca's parents sound like they have a one track mind towards their son, yet when they were introduced, I got something totally different.  Everything was also settled to calmly between Becca and her parents.

I did not even get the satisfaction of a confrontation.  I wanted the heat, the hurt and secrets to be revealed and I got none of that, even though, this book had so much potential for it.  A missed opportunity but the book was still amazing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to forge ahead and take charge of your life and anyone who loves a good romance.


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