HIGHLAND GUARD by Hannah Howell

June 03, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was a little disappointed and has no mystery to it.  I found out almost every secret of the book in the first three chapters. Can you believe that, a book with no mystery and EVERYTHING was easily resolved.

Lady Annys Macqueen is in desperate need for some help. Her husband, the Laird of her lands, is now dead from a mysterious illness.

Although she has a son to inherit the land, a kinsman from her husband's family wants to claim what is rightfully her son's, even if he has to take it by force.

Scared for her people and her son, Lady Annys only has one person to turn too, the only man who set her body and her heart on fire and left her pregnant and heartbroken, Sir Harcourt Murray.

After five long years, Sir Harcourt Murray is finally back to the place where he almost died, nursed back to health and left with a heavy heart.

After repaying the death of saving his life with his seed, (giggle) Harcourt is once again needed to help.  On his first day back, he finds out that the Laird was not sick but poisoned and that it had to be from someone inside the keep.

Now Harcourt has made it his duty to protect the keep whilst trying to find the traitor among the mist. Would he succeed in his quest?  Find out in the 20th, yes the 20th installment of The Murray Family Series, Highland Guard.

I've heard many good things about +Hannah Howell and when I had the opportunity to read one of her books, I jumped at it.  This was a big mistake for me.  I'm not sure if all her books are like this, but this book was not for me.

All the secrets of the book were all laid out in the first three chapters.  I kid you not.  I learnt that Harcourt is the real father of Lady Annys son.  I also know why they had to do what they did, with her husband's blessing.

We learn that the laird was not ill but poisoned and that it was by someone in the keep. I was intrigued by this for I thought that finally, some sort of mystery to the book, but no, a few chapters later, the spy was found and caught.

I was really frustrated by the book.  I like a sense of mystery to the books I read, but I got nothing. I knew everything and I did not have to work my brain really hard to figure out anything. I did not even get the satisfaction that Annys must keep the secret from her people because guess what, they already knew.

This is the first book in forever that I skipped through the pages.  There were too much repetition and no tragedy.  Everything was easily resolved with a neat little bow on top and NO CONFLICT.

I was disappointed, but I would like to read another one of her books to see if I'll like a different story.  Maybe this was one of her bad books and the rest is good.

I think that the reason I did not much like this book is because it sounded like stories I've read before with nothing new to it.  Hopefully, I'll enjoy the rest of her books.

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