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This book is tied with Gentlemen Prefers Curves for the best book in this series.  Maggie is such a beautiful person, but she is also clueless. I could tell that she was has been married to the same guy for years before the both of them even knew it.

Deciding to quit her high paying job as a bio-medical engineer and to follow her fashion dreams by working in a clothing store that caters to the full figured woman like herself.

You might think that Maggie Calhoun must be out of her mind, especially since this all came about with her parents divorce.

And you would be right, Maggie is out of her mind.  Out of her mind in bliss.  This is the first time in her life that she is doing something for herself, and she plans to enjoy it.  That is until her brother's best friend, Alex, moved his bakery beneath her apartment.

Every morning she is awakened by sexual dreams that include whatever is being made in the bakery each morning.  Her dreams of bread and cakes sound better than sex itself. The sexy chef-owner is also sex-dream worthy, too bad Maggie has known him practically her entire life.

Maggie wants nothing to do with the boy who used to pull her hair and tease her for days on end in any sexual way, too bad her body does not listen to her.  It just seems to happen too fast, the switch from friend to potential sexual partner, it had Maggie's head spinning. Maggie's only way of defense is to run away. But would Alex let her?

Alex Sanna is out to prove a point. After moving away and becoming a world class chef, Alex came back home to prove to his father that a man can and will be successful doing a "woman's" job.  Too bad his dad does not get the memo.  He is determined for his son to quit his "hobby" and take over the family business.

When his dad tell him this, it makes Alex even more determined to prove himself. An opportunity to cater The Valentine's Day Ball is just what he needed, but his neighbor is a tremendous distraction.  No longer the awkward girl he once knew, Maggie seemed to have transformed into a delicious, curvy goddess and all he wants to do is worship at her temple.

But this gig should be the first and last thing on his mind to prove himself to his dad. But with all his time trying to prove himself to his father, when is Alex going to live his life?

Would these two lost souls ever find a way to live for themselves? Or would the sizzling, smoking hot chemistry between the two, consume them both?  Find out in this Perfect Fit Novella, My Curvy Valentine.

Sugar Jamison outdid herself with this one.  I know that it's a novella, but it did not feel like one.  I would have liked for this to be the fourth book in the series and have it expanded.  But expanded or not this book is fighting neck and neck for my favorite book in the series.

I can't seem to choose between Gentlemen Prefer Curves and this one.  These two are my absolute favorite, and I want more.

Maggie was in an abusive relationship with her family growing up.  This resulted in her giving up on love for herself.  How can parents be so blind as to see what their children need?  It happens all the time and each person deals with it in their way.

What Maggie's mother did I had an inkling that it was something like that, but I dismissed it, sometimes, I hate to be right, sometimes.

Alex on the other had a pretty average family until his mom died.  Alex was able to move on, but his dad was stuck in the past.  His father never changed a thing after all those years his mom has passed, and it's sweet.  But there is a time in your life when you have to move on, at least a little.

The love between Alex and Maggie has been growing for years.  It slowly grew until they were both ready for it.  I've made up my mind, this is my favorite book in the series, It was just too good.

I don't usually give out five-star ratings anymore, but this book deserves it.  Keep on writing Sugar Jamison, I want crave more from you.


Go out now and buy the book.  It's AMAZING.  You can purchase it in the link below.