FEEDING THE FIRE by Andrea Laurence

May 25, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This has such a good looking cover and an excellent description that it immediately caught my attention. Unfortunately, it did not keep my attention for long. Here's how.

Pepper Anthony has been saving for years to fix up the house of her dreams.  A house that she is currently living in and is also falling down on her head.

Almost all the rooms are inhospitable and she has to do everything she needs to do in the living room including sleep.  All that is about to change since Pepper has finally saved up enough money to get started on her house.

Feeling excited and over the moon that she can actually invite people over, she goes to the town male charity auction.  Her excited was shot, beaten up and buried deep in the ground when an accident has her raising her hand and bid almost all her savings on none other than Grant Chamberlin.

Pepper has been told all her life to stay away from all Chamberlins.  The rule has been engraved into Pepper's and her brother's mind by their mother from a young age.  Grant was not just any Chamberlin, he was the guy since high school that has been after Pepper for a date.

Knowing what a date would lead too with a Chamberlin, Pepper passed on the date and since Grant is not accustomed to rejection, he has been chasing Pepper for years.  Would Grant finally get his way?

Grand Chamberlin is over the moon with pleasure.  Pepper, the girl who was always on his mind since high school just bid a high number to go on a date with him.  His excitement disappeared when instead of a smiling, excited woman he found Pepper almost in tears.

After finding out the reason his pride took a beating but with the help of a fairy grandmother, Grant decided to make the best of a bad situation.  Since he is on leave from his job as a fireman for a week, Grant has donated his time and energy into helping Pepper fix her house in that one week.

Hoping that the added amount of time they spend together fixing the house improves Pepper's opinion of him enough that she will finally agree to go out with him happens, Grant jumps into work with gusto.

Would Grant get a date from the elusive Pepper?  Would Pepper decide that he's more trouble than he's worth and go back to ignoring Grant after the week is up?  Would they ever catch the peeper? (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that now didn't I)  Find out in the second installment of the Rosewood Series, Feeding the Fire.

I was really disappointed in this book.  It did not hold my interest for long periods of time.  I would read a few words and my mind would start to wonder and I would find myself either drawing, watching TV or reading another book.

I found that I read four books in between this one.  I find this curious since the story was interesting.  We have a town bad boy that everyone wants, which is Grant.  We have a sweet girl with a goal in mind who want nothing to do with the bad boy which is Pepper.  I usually would have eaten this story up in a few minutes, but this is one of the longest I've taken to read a book.

Also, the so-called "feud" between the Chamberlins and the Anthonys does not actually sound like a feud to me. It just sounded like two families talking smack against each other and that mostly came from the Anthony's side.

Warning:  All mysteries in this book can be easily solved.

I figured out everything that happened before it was told so that it came as no surprise to me when they revealed the mystery in the book.

Maybe it was the simplicity of the book that made it not as interesting as I would have hoped, but I still had fun reading it, just not too much fun.


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