THROWN FOR A CURVE by Sugar Jamison

April 10, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was old school with a modern twist.  Do people still get married because of those reasons? I liked this book, but the girl was a little unfair in the middle of the book.

Cherri is a tall, curvaceous amazon but does not wish to be. Having lived her entire life with guys passing her over for the shorter, more glamorous woman. She found it hard to accept herself.

Working at Size Me Up, a clothing store that only caters to the plus size woman, Cherri feels as if she can finally fit in.  But being the youngest out of all her friends, the downside is that they treat her like a baby.

Having student loans to pay back, a sick, elderly grandmother and a dog that just does not know his place. Cherri barely knows what to do with herself.  Can she turn her life around and finally be able to think about only herself.

Before she can find out, a lot of events happened at once and it all started with Colin.

Colin cannot believe that at his age, he is lusting after a twenty-something girl old woman.  A woman who acts mature for her age and has curves in all the right places.

He can't seem to stay away from her, even with all the warnings from their mutual friends.  Plus, his confidence in actually maintaining a steady relationship is really low, due to growing up with his dad. When misfortune after misfortune, kept happening the sexy blonde he can't get out of his head, Colin knew that he had to step in and be there for her.  Whether she wants him too or not?

Can Colin get over his hang-ups and pursue Cherri?  Will Cherri let him take care of her, seeing as how she has been the one to take care of everything?  Is this the last book I'm going to read from Sugar Jamison until she writes another one?  Find out in the second installment of The Perfect Fit Series, Thrown for a Curve.

I really enjoyed this book in the beginning. There was humor and sweetness when Cherri sat on the ground when her grandmother dressed her and did her make up for the Birthday Party her friend were throwing for her.

The result was horrible, but Cherri actually went to the party looking like a hot mess, just to make her grandmother happy.  I really liked Cherri, before things seem to go horribly wrong.  Cherri seemed to have been a mature woman for an age who somehow turned into an immature brat in the middle of the book.

Colin was not a piece of cake to work with either.  He was a player in his youth and decided to find a woman to settle down with.  The downside is that the only woman he was thinking about was too young for him and his friends seem not to approve.

When they could not deny the chemistry between them anymore, bad things seem to happen.  One of them is that Cherri's grandmother died.  I cried, one minute she was healthy as an ox and the next she's gone.

Everyone loved her, and it was hard for everyone to lose her, especially Cherri, but how she lashed out on Colin was so not cool.  It turned from Cherri being too good to Colin to Colin being the way too good for her.

Leaving her was the best decision he has ever made, OOPS! Spoiler Alert!  But did he get very far?

The bad thing about this book is, Cherri did not figure anything our for herself.  Everyone had to spell it out for her. Her grandmother was the first one to put her in her place, then her friends and finally Colin when he walked out on her.

I was like, DUH CHERRI! Where did the intelligent woman go and who was the b*t*h that was left in her place?  The book is still a good read but Cherri really disappointed me.


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