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WARNING! Do not read this book unless you have about five boxes of tissues by your side. Maybe I was hormonal when I was reading this book, or maybe I related to Emma, the main character, and her pain. I don't know, all I know is, I cried, A LOT. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU DO NOT LIKE A GOOD CRY!

Emma Tyler is a beautiful woman. With her long blonde hair and delicate features, she has every man in a five mile radius lusting after her.

Even though she is beautiful on the outside, on the inside she has a train wreck of a life.  Emma can't seem to control her mouth in any situation.  She always says what she thinks; normally that may be a good thing, but people always seem to take what she says the wrong way.

Because of how broken she is, Emma only targets older, fat men who only wants her for her body.  Feeling disgusted with herself after the deed is done, Emma takes something of each of her "conquest", something that the person would not miss that she keeps as a sick trophy.
The only difference now is that she took something that someone did miss and they want it back.

Cooper Jessup cannot believe that he has to look for a woman to retrieve an item she stole from one of his clients.  Even though, this is not part of his job description.  Being part owner of the Thrillseekers Anonymous, Cooper is accustomed to catering to spoilt rich people's whining.

But being called out to track down a woman who stole something that his soon to be ex-wife is demanding, Cooper's first thought was to say no.  The large sum of money that the client was offering turned his no into a yes and found Cooper traveling to the other part of the world.

When he met up with the woman, which is Emma if you were wondering, he found a conundrum of a woman.  All the rumors that he heard about her and the things he sees her do, made him realize that no one really knows who Emma is, and sadly, Emma does not know herself either.

Emma is intimidated by smart, attractive men, men who can peel away at her beauty and find the ugliness beneath.  She tends to stay far away from them, but Cooper just won't leave her alone. Knowing that all she has to do is give him what he wants and he would go away, Emma hesitates to do so since it would expose her secret shame.

Would Cooper get what he came for? Would Emma give it to him? Would Emma find who she really is?  Or would Cooper figure her out before she does?  Find out in the third installment of the Pine River Series, The Perfect Homecoming.

I have to admit that I did not like Emma in the beginning.  Usually, Emma's type is the wicked, sister, step-sister, friend or cousin that is out to ruin everyone's life.  That's the impression I got when she admitted that she only got her job by sleeping with a man who gave it to her.

I was so confused when I read this, the heroine of the book is not usually a sl*t and I was turned off by the book for this.  When I read the part on how she handled the little brat who did not deserve the party her parents were throwing her.  
Then I was so impressed with her, I thought she could not have been so bad.  

She met Cooper at the party and they were hitting it off until she got scared and ran away.  And guess what she did, she went on a limo ride with the brat's father.  Oh yes, she did! And to make matters worse, Cooper saw her, OH SNAP!

+Julia London wrote a heartfelt book about the difficult sister.  The one no one understands and don't really try to understand either.  Cooper was the second person to see who she really is, the first being the totally awesome and amazing, Leo Kendrick.

Leo is what made me shed most of my tears, he was just so strong and I fell in love with him;  It's hard not too. 

Cooper was a tough person to crack.  Emma tried all of her tricks on him to make him go away, but he was not having it.  When he got mad, was it bad of me to say I got a little heated, I don't like angry men, but Cooper makes it work.

I think what made me cry most in this book is that I relate to Emma.  We both always seem to say the wrong things and people seem to take it the wrong way.  I've been called a b*t*h many times, and I don't answer to that name, but apparently that is how I come off.  Yeah, I don't get it either.

I loved this book and I recommend this book to EVERYONE.  You would not be disappointed.


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