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This is my first book by Ms +Julia London, and even though I have the poster of her first book in this series on my wall, I have never read it, (yet).  I am very interested in knowing the rest of the Cabot Sisters.

Grace Cabot is desperate.  Her step-father, the main support for her and her sisters have died and her step-brother is about to be married.

That should be a good thing, but the woman he is about to marry, dislikes them and would put them out in the cold if she could.  The only way to get stability for her sisters and herself is to marry.

This in itself is a problem seeing as her mother is quite mad, and if word gets out of this, then no one would have any of them. No one wants to add the threat madness in their family.

Desperation is what had Grace plotting to trap a man into marriage before the truth of her mother came out.  She had the place and the time, she even found her victim. Instead of the fun loving Viscount she expected, she got his stone faced brother instead.

Geoffrey, The Earl of Merryton is ruled by the number eight.  He has no idea why, but the number eight calms him.  Thinking that he has gone mad, Geoffrey tries to stay out of most social occasions, and most importantly, marriage.

All that goes crashing down when he tried to stop his brother from making a terrible mistake. Instead, he found himself in the arms of a seductress that made him forget himself and let lose his dark desires.

When they were caught, it was to find out that she was a "respectable" woman and to save face, they must now marry. 

Ruled by order, but having a wife that is the definition of disorder; Geoffrey has no idea how to handle her.  He thinks that the more he stays away from her the better it would be for everyone, but unfortunately for him, his new bride does not like this.

Can Geoffrey find harmony with Grace?  Would Grace ever tell Geoffrey of the madness plaguing her family? Would we ever ever find out why Geoffrey is ruled by the number eight?  Find out in the second installment of The Cabot Sisters Series, The Devil Takes a Bride.

This is my first book by +Julia London and it was not bad.  This book was more realistic in what happened to married couples back in the day.  In other books, the two people get married and slowly but surely they fall in love and live happily ever after.

But in this book, Geoffrey and Grace got married because they had to and their marriage was not perfect, especially when it came to the marriage bed.   I was put off by this book, but for whatever reason, I could not but the book down. (or my tablet with my Kindle app down)

I just wanted to what was going to happen next, and I was constantly surprised. The thing that got me was that I did not really get a good answer to why Geoffrey was ruled by the number eight.

Grace, I did not like her.  She was so full of herself and thought that she was always right.  She just wanted to push and push and push to get her way.  Pushing is good, but she did not know when to stop.  Geoffrey was too sweet a guy for her and he deserved better. It all worked out in the end so I'm okay with their match, for now.

This was a compelling book to read and I want to read the next book in the series, which I already have on my Kindle app.


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