NEED YOU FOR KEEPS by Marina Adair

April 12, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book reminded me of +Rachel Lacey's  book series Love and Rescue.  I instantly related to the book because of this, but the book is loveable by itself.

Shay Michaels would do anything to save the furry residents of St. Helena, Califonia. Being a pet groomer in the town, as well as a pet rescuer, Shay hands her hands full 24'7.

Even when she is filled to capacity, if anyone comes to her with an animal in need of a home, Shay can never turn them away. Even though, she gets into a lot of trouble for her selfless deeds.

One of the people she has to deal with on almost a daily basis is Deputy Jonah Baudouin.  Shay finds him hot and hard to resist but resist him she must.

Shay knows Jonah is not looking for a woman like her, and since he is running for Sherriff, he does not need her running his name in the mud.

Jonah knows that he should stay away from Shay, but there is something about her that just draws him to her.  It does not help matters that they live next door to each other.

Shay likes to be independent, but everybody needs help and Jonah finds himself helping her when his brain tells him to run far away.  Catching her illegally housing five kittens, which is above the amount of animals she can hold in her home, including all the dogs she already has.

Things just seem to spiral out of control when bad news from Shay's past are dug up, that put Shay and her rescue shelter in a bad light.  Would Jonah be strong enough to support her, even if it runs the risk of losing his campaign?

Find out in the fifth installment of the St. Helena Vineyard Series, Need You for Keeps.

I was not really expecting to like this book, it sounded cute and innocent but Marina Adair surprised me.  The emotion of the book was moving.  The part where Josh told her she had to get rid of her animals in a month, it just about broke my heart.

Shay has such a big heart, after being rejected so much in her life, she finally found a passion that helps animals as well as herself.  She seems to have a knack for finding the perfect families for all her fosters, and even though she knows she's doing the right things, it pains her every time one of her fosters gets adopted.

Maybe it has something to do with how she never stayed adopted for long.  Poor Shay.
Jonah, on the other hand, has a big family and because of how they grew up, they want to be solidary people.  Only his sister wants to actually have family bonding time, which he nad his brother would like to avoid but can't.  Their sister would kill them.

Jonah tries to keep his emotion on the down low, but his sweetness shines through in the things he does.  It shines the most around Shay, but try not to tell him that, he was not like that.

The story was fun and entertaining, but something seem to be missing.  I wanted to get a deeper insight into Shay's past.  Her experiences she faced and the feelings that she felt.  I wanted to know what made Shay, Shay.

Same thing with Jonah, I got a vague sense of his upbringing.  His dad was harsh was what I got the most out of this story.

Other than the ways of their upbringing, this book was very entertaining.


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