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I was always reading about how great Elizabeth Hoyt's Maiden Lane Series was awesome so just I had to go out and buy the first book in the series and now I crave much, much more.

Temperance Dews has dedicated her life to the foundling home her family has founded.  She risk her life many times, delving deep into the dangerous streets of St. Giles in order to save children before they can be taken for a much horrible fate.

It was on one of these outings to save a child with her lady maid,  when she happened to come across a dead body, and if that was not frightening enough, standing over the body was the person who killed it.

Fleeing, but not before she got a got a good look of the murderer.  Later, in the safety of the foundling house, her maid told her the identity of the man.  He is known as Lord Clare with a very black reputation, and she was warned to stay away.

Temperance meant to stay away from him, but he made her an offer she cannot refuse as well as call out the dark desires she tries to keep hidden, even from herself.

Lazarus Huntington, known as Lord Clare, needs help navigating the streets of St. Giles. Being a stranger to St. Giles. Lord Clare has difficulty navigating the many twist and turns of St. Giles and any leads he may find are useless, since no one would willingly talk to someone who they do not consider one of their own.

Lord Clare is on a mission to find a savage killer and he needs Temperance help to find his way around. But her help comes at a price.  Lord Clare must introduce Temperance into London's high society so that she can attract patrons to investing into her foundling home.

Lord Clare may think that temperance is an innocent, even though she is a widow; but something dark lurks withing Temperance.  Something that she only let out once, with disastrous results. Temperance vowed to never let it loose again and found little ways to punish herself for her sins.

What is Temperance to do when Lord Clare calls her darkness out?  Would she embrace it or would she flee?  Would Lord Clare even let the rare gem he found go?  find out in the first installment of the Maiden Lane Series,m Wicked Intentions.

Elizabeth Hoyt is so fun to read, you have no idea.  The adventures she puts you through is like a roller-coaster, (even though I have never been on one) ride that has your heart pumping and gives you a ride of your life.

Temperance is afraid of her feelings and when she heard about the dark "interest" that Lord Clare pursues, instead of being frightened like other "proper" ladies; she was excited and that made her ashamed of herself.

Working at the founding house should be a good deed in itself, but when the real reason for doing all that hard work is hidden, even to yourself, you would never find happiness.

Lord Clare confused me.  He's putting a lot of effort in finding the killer of his mistress without even having strong feelings for her.  He just stumbled around St. Giles for months looking for a killer to someone he did not love and almost getting killed multiple times.

In the end it was a good for the both of them, since that is what brought Temperance and St. Clare together.  As much as I liked the main characters and their adventure with a ghost, (yes their is a ghost in this book and that's all I['m saying on that topic),  I was really into Temperance siblings stories, especially her sister, Silence, story.

The name Silence had me a little confused in the beginning, I kept thinking that their was a silence in the book, not someone's name ,but when I got used to the name it did not tie me up that much.  Silence's story is the one I most want to read.

After everything she went through for that no good, undeserving........(fuming) I still get mad over it. I'm not talking about Silence not, but I was delighted to know that Silence was not forgotten and that her story continues in the third book in the series. (YEAH)

This book was fun and intriguing to read and I cannot wait to go out and buy the rest of books in this series.


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