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I was reading this book the same time I was reading the Girls of Mischief Bay by +Susan Mallery and I wondered why I chose two boring books back to back.  I was so wrong on both of these books.

Polly Waterford's life is falling apart.  The business she and her partner had, has gone bankrupt.  They must now give everything to the bank in order to satisfy their loans.

Left with barely anything to live on, the only place that she found that she can afford to rent is someplace far away in the sleepy seaside resort of Polbearne.

The place is barely livable but something about the place draws her.  Maybe it has something to do with the kitchen she found that called to her inner baker.

Bread is her specialty, and when Polly kneads dough for the first time in her new place, it felt as if she was kneading all her troubles away.

The scent of her bread carries outside where some fishermen take notice and invite themselves to some bread.

Soon Polly was feeling a little better about herself, that is, until her land lady and owner of the only bakery on the island dashes her dreams.  It seems as if she does not want outsiders poaching in her territory.  It was all good, but the only thing about her claim is that her baking sucks.

Not wanted to go against the local baker, but craving some decent bread, the locals begs Polly to bake for them.  Soon, Polly is in charge of her own smuggling ring, but instead of drugs, it's bread.

Can Polly find herself and happiness in this small town?  Would her smuggling ring be found out?  Find out in this fun tale in the first installment of the Little Beach Street Bakery Series, Little Beach Street Bakery.

Jenny Colgan had me for a second.  I was really bored in the beginning.  At the start of the book it showed her a**hole ex-boyfriend, and by the way, this was all his fault for being a jerk in the first place, left Polly to deal with the debt collectors, all while blaming her for their failure.

When I braved through the boring parts and came about the part with the baby puffin, I was so glad.  Animals makes everything better, but when I arrived at the part at what I like to call the bread smuggling ring, I laughed and laughed and laughed, it was too funny.

As I mentioned before, Polly's ex-boyfriend was really selfish. He is a graphic designer and when the demand for the market changed, instead of changing with it, he stayed the same.  Every new idea that Polly came up with was immediately shut down by him.

When all his secrets came out, it was the end of their business and their relationship.  Polly needed to get away from him.  She blossomed when she got free of that terrible load that was her ex-boyfriend.

When Polly found love on the island, it did not end well, some one died.  And when her ex comes back into the picture........this story is just too good.

I'm giving the same advice I gave for the Girls of Mischief Bay, if you find the book boring in the beginning, stick with it.  You would not be sorry for this book is an amazing read.


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