It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas

March 15, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Lillian Bowman is one of the Wallflowers and boy did she take us for a ride.

Lillian Bowman  has come to England from America, in order to catch a husband.

This is really her parents wish. They have made a fortune in the soap business, but even with all their money, they also want a title. 

Wanting the money and the title, Lillian's parents decided to try their hand at finding someone in England with at title for their daughters to marry.

It was a good idea, but unfortunately not much people are willing to marry Americans, especially when they are as strong willed as Lillian.  Lillian does not mean to repel men with her personality, is just that she can't help herself.

Things seem to changed when she and her sister joined the Wallflowers, a group of woman dedicated to finding a husband for each other.  Since it was a success to the oldest one in the group, it seems that now its Lillian's turn.

Anther stroke of luck (or bad luck) is when Lillian stumbles upon a fragrance that attracts men to her.  Not just any men, but Marcus, Lord Westcliff, the most insufferable man Lillian has ever had the displeasure to have ever met.

The feeling seem to be mutual for Lord Wesrcliff seeing as he cannot stand Lillian's disregard for the rules and her loud and open way of speaking.  Women are suppose to be seen and not heard (a little stretch for in his thinking) and everything about her drives him crazy.

It is made further unbearable by the unexplained attraction that he feels for her.  Every time he sees her, she either does or say something that makes his blood boil and all he want to do is to hold her in his arms and ravish her.

A fire seems to start anytime the two of them are in close together, but when someone disapproves, would they be able to split up this unlikely romance?  Find out in the second installment of the Wallflower Series, It Happened one Autumn. 

+Lisa Kleypas is one of my go to authors.  I know I just have to pick up a book with her name on it and I'm going to love it.  This book was funny.  We have impulsive Lillian, who does things on a moments notice.  Then we have straight laced Marcus, who does nothing without over analyzing the pros and cons of every situation.

They do not sound like a good combo, but surprisingly they are exactly what each other needs. Even though Marcus was at the top of the Wallflowers list for the most eligible bachelor, Lillian wanted nothing to do with him. But when all they did was bump into each other when they were trying to stay away, well I was in constant laughter.

Marcus's mother was a piece of work, oh how I wanted to punch her after what she said to her own daughter (that witch) but I felt alright after what Marcus did to her (evil laughter). Intrigued?  I know you are, buy the book and find out what happens, especially with the part that St. Vincent had to play.

NOTE: St. Vincent is my number one, book boyfriend and it has not changed in a number of years.


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