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I had a fun time reading this book.  It kind of reminded me of Rapunzel. Not the book but the make over that Disney did, minus the really long hair.

Marlowe is one of the best pick pockets in the west end.  She is the only female among the gang of the Covent Garden Cubs, a gang of thieves living in the slums of London's Seven Dials.

It's a hard life, one where she was to hide that she is a girl most of the time.  It was easier when she was a little girl, but now that she has turned into a young woman, it has become harder to hide her figure.  Men has began to see her beauty but Marlowe only saw her body as an inconvenience.

Working for one of the most violent men in Slug Row named Satin (clever isn't it), Marlowe must bring back something every night or face the consequences.

When the day is done, and Marlowe curls herself up in her corner on the cold, hard floor, she thinks of a day where she was not known as Marlowe, but as Elizabeth.

Maxwell, known to all as Lord Dane, regrets the day he let his brother borrow his coach for a night.  His brother, a famous hired investigator, apparently decided to try his hand of abduction. With the use of his perfectly clean coach, his brother dumped a kicking, screaming pile of dirty rags into his carriage.

When the pile of rags bit him, he was forced to see that it was a young woman his brother captured. Things become worse when his brother brought the woman to his house and left her there.

His brother was under the misconception that this dirty woman wasLady Elizabeth.  She was abducted years ago, right from under her nurse's nose.  Her parents have been trying for years to find her, and Maxwell's brother thinks that has found her.  But Maxwell thinks that this woman cannot be Lady Elizabeth. But first things first, it was now up to him to clean and feed her.

Maxwell wished he did not clean her, because under all that layers of dirt, was one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen.   She stirs things up in him that he has never known existed in him.  His only goal now is to find his brother and get her out of his house.

Marlowe cannot believe that she was abducted.  She knows that Satin would be furious with her and when he finds her, she would possibly end up dead.  There is no was she could be some fancy couple's lost daughter, can she.  To makes things more confusing the feeling she feels for the refined Lord Dane makes her feel sick to her stomach.

Is Marlowe the long lost Lady Elizabeth?  Would Satin find Marlowe and bring her back? Would Maxwell get over himself and make Marlowe his wife?  Find out in the first installment of the  Convent Garden Cubs series.

This is my first time reading a Shana Gelen book and I was pleasantly entertained throughout the book.  Marlowe was different and fun, and sad to say, Maxwell, we have have seen his type, one to many times.

Marlowe is rude, has no table manners and can curse worse than a man, yet I loved her. She put Maxwell on edge and he really needed that.  He was so stuffy, always thinking that he was better than other people, that's why he did not mingle with much people.

All that changed when his brother made him in charge of reforming Marlowe to act properly in polite company.  It did not help that she was constantly trying to escape and was refusing him at every turn.

His mother, who is a royal pain in the arse, even to her children was constantly putting Marlowe down.  Besides Maxwell's behavior, his sister became fast friends with her and was a big help in making Marlowe stay.

The chemistry between the Maxwell and Marlowe was fun to read about.  Max tried to control himself, but with Marlowe in such a close proximity to him, he always lost his train of thought.

Things came crashing down when Satin came back into picture.  I liked Maxwell much more when that happened.  You will too.

The story was compelling and unique, well at least unique to me.  One thing that irked me was at the beginning, the book said that Satin had big plans for Marlowe.  It had my mind churning with ideas of why he chose Marlowe in the first place, but it was not to be.

My thoughts are that the author had an idea on why Satin abducted Marlowe but then her idea changed and so did the story at the end.  What was your original idea Shana?  I want to know. Besides that, I quite liked the book and so would you.


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