February 09, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This was a very fun read. The characters were just... and the story line was like.....I have so much to say but I don't know where to start.

Emma Sinclair is a survivor. After being left at the alter and betrayed by the people she loved, she left her town of  North Carolina and made over her image.

Emma trades her blushing bride-to-be persona, for that of the untouchable ice queen of the Manhattan dating scene.

She made new friends at the magazine she works at called Stiletto.  As much as she loves her friends, Emma never had the courage to tell them all that had happened back home and how it destroyed her at one point.

She has been keeping that secret for years until an assignment from work has her dredging up demons from her past.  Especially the sexy, no good, liar who left her at the alter who, as a twist, is her boss.

Having to give up his dreams of being a pro soccer player, Alex Cassidy hung up his cleats for good and decided to move on with his live.  Deciding on giving journalism a try, it was a coincidence that he happens to choose the same field, city and company as his ex-fiance. Right!

It's also weird that he was going to be her boss for a few months also.  Right!  Now it was just plain crazy that she happened to move in right across the hall from him in his building.  Alex can't deny it any longer, this has got to be faith. Right?  Wrong.  It was actually research and Alex can't help but wonder what could have been.

He gave her an assignment that was suppose to finally get a reaction out of her, but his plan back fired and now old feelings that he taught long dead are coming back.  The downside it that Emma wants nothing to do with him, but that just makes Alex want her more.

Would these two ever find a way to reconcile?  Find out in the fourth installment of the Sex, Love and Stiletto Series, The Trouble with Love.

(SQUELLLLSSSSSSS) Thank you so much Lauren Layne for this awe-inspiring book.  This story was a great testament to how their are usually two sides to a story. It takes two to tango and all those other metaphors.  When we hear that Alex left Emma at the alter, we automatically think of him in a bad light.  BUT, do we know the whole story?

Emma and Alex are desperately in love, yes I used present tense.  The hurt that has been with them did not really get the attention it needed to heal before it was frozen over with layers of ice.  When they met again they were polite as two strangers meeting each other for the first time.

This is a first.  There was no bad talking, snide remarks and shockingly no avoidance from the two.  If they saw each other, they did not go out of their way to avoid the other.  They simply past each other with a polite nod and be on their way.

As the story progressed I was always hungry for more.  I wanted to know what really happen since Alex and Emma seem to have a different point of view on the matter.  When it all came to light I cried, how could he? Not Alex, now you're wondering who, lol, read the book.