February 17, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This was a fun and sweet novella.  It makes me think of a modern day "The Night Before Christmas" story, minus the Ba Ham-buging.

Holly Winterlake is having the most wonderful day on the most wonderful time of the year. Holly loves Christmas and every thing that goes with it.  

The best part (for her anyway) is getting to skate on ice again. So getting the job as Ice Marshall at London's Somerset House is a dream come true.

Noel Summerford gets grumpy around the Christmas Holidays.  Falling on his butt multiple times in the freezing snow does not help his mood.

Having promised to bring his Godson to skate on the, was not exactly his idea of fun.  But seeing the ecstatic look on his Godson's face was well worth the torture.

Things take an interesting turn when he is approached by the sexy Ice Marshall who is interested in giving his Godson some extra skating lessons, since he seems to be a natural on the ice.

Not wanting to disappoint the kid, but also having to keep a promise to his Godson's father, Noel has to decline the offer.  But that does not stop him from wanting to know more about Holly.  

Things seem to go up and down with them but when an accident on the ice, booze and a mad chocolate Labrador get involved, things get enthralling.  Find out the exciting conclusion to Skating at Somerset House.

Nikki Moore wrote a cute novella that had me going awwwwww.  Noel and Holly were meant for each other and that is just judging by their names alone, there both Christmas themed.  I don't have much to say because the book was too short for my liking, but good things, very good things happened in this book.

I always love books that involve kids, they just bring an innocence to books, which I love.  Kids and animals always do that, and this book had both, even if the animal came in at the end of the book.  Noel was all Scrudge McDuck and Holly was close to being Sponge Bobb (don't know much people who are happy all the time).

I know this book is late or early, if you think about it, but you cannot go wrong with it.