February 12, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was not what I was expecting.  It was totally different from what I speculated and I have to say, the cover of a book has let me down once again. A certain over used quote comes to mind.

Abby Kerr is the chieftess of Clan Kerr.  Yes you heard me right, she, as in a woman, is the chieftess of her clan, when she unexpectedly got the title by default.

It may sound good in theory but unfortunately it was not.  The men were not accustom to listening to a woman, much less to actually take orders from her.  As you can guess, she does not have the full support of her people.

The only way to get their support is to marry, but that is the last thing Abby wants.  If she marries, her title would go to her husband and she would be nothing but a mere woman.

Needing help in the most desperate of ways, Abby ask for help from her friend who gives her a spell. The thing is, when Abby used the spell (accidentally) it goes horribly wrong.

Duncan MacHarg is a modern day Wall Street Impresario. (What the heck is that?) He was doing an re-enactment of  a war when suddenly he's in the middle of a real live battle.  Confused and disoriented, Duncan had no choice but to react; and got a serious headache for his trouble.

Now with no idea how to get home, Duncan's only chance is to trust a woman who does not want him there in the first place, even though it's her fault he was there to begin with.  

The only way out is for them to fulfill the wish that cast the spell.  Now only if they can remember it?

Find out it they fulfill their wish in the first installment of the Sirens of the Borderlands Series, Just in time for a Highlander.

I was disappointed in this book.  I'm no Scientist but the story lacked believe-ability.  One moment he was in modern day America and then the next, he's in Scotland?  That is the most believable thing about it (not really) The correct term would be he traveled through time AND space.

The next thing that bothered me was that he accepted everything quite easily.  Seriously, he was like, hey, I'm back in time (not really) and I should make the best of it. Nope, not going to happen, I needed at least three chapters of him not believing that he traveled through time (and space).

Another thing that irked me, Abby's attitude. You're the one responsible for the man being away from home with no way back and you want to abandon him! That should be the first sign that she was not a good leader.

I know about girl power and everything, but as a leader you are suppose to make sacrifices for your people and she was not willing to do that.  She kept putting it off until it got worse. 

The absolute worse was the ending, I mean come on, the solution could not have been a little more complicated?   It just grate on my nerves how everything could have been resolved much faster.  So in my case the book made no sense to me at all.

The things I did like was that there was a woman leader (even though she was not a very good one), Duncan seemed gorgeous and my favorite character was the boy who helped Duncan through it all.  Other than that, nothing. 

NOTE:  This is my opinion and I do encourage you to read the book, mostly because it's getting high ratings.