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This book was different from the others in the series, and it was nice to see that it was different in a good way.

Lady Jane has been dealt an unfair mark in her life.  Wanted for killing her husband, she had no choice but to flee and hide herself from sight.  With only the help from an elderly gentleman, Lady Jane is forced to fend for herself away from civilization, until her name is cleared or forgotten.

All that changed when a huge, hunk of a man stumbles into her cottages, during a storm.  Before she could even say a thing, he collapsed on the floor. Seeing that he wore a plaid, she knew that he was an Highlander, but seeing as he was very large, and she very little, there was nothing much she can do with him. So she armed herself and waited for him to wake.

Laird Alexander has lost his pride and his wife. Blaming himself for her death, he takes a foolish risk and goes sailing without a crew, trying to outrun his demons.

When he lands on English soil, he finds himself attacked, robbed and left for dead.  Using all the strength he has left, he found a cottage to weather the storm and then he knew no more.

When he awoke, it was to find a beauty of a woman asleep in a chair.  After some negotiations, Alexander exchanged his strength for a place to stay to attend his wounds. Doing manual labor was the easy part, keeping his hands from touching the woman was the problem.

Read this fascinating and thrilling read about a Laird trying to find his way back home and a Lady who just wants to be free.

This is the fourth book in the Highland Force series and it had a different story than the rest of the series.  Amy Jerecki must have felt to change things up and wrote this fabulous book filled with, love, loss, murder, kidnapping, power, friendship and much more. 

The flow of the book was quite good and the story was very compelling.  I read the entire book in a few short hours.  The thing I like most about Amy Jarecki's books is that I actually begin to think that the main characters go through many hardships and that they actually might not end up together in the end, which is of course, ridiculous. (Maybe)

Lady Jane was fooling herself in this story.  A woman, who has never did any manual labor in her life, thought that she can live, by herself, in a broken down cottage in the woods.  She hardly knows how to do anything, but she gives it her all. Which is admirable.

The thing is, Lady Jane withheld the truth from Alexander, she even told him a false name.  When the truth got out, Alexander was mad.  Who could blame him, to find out what happens next, you have to read and find out.