January 25, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was a big let down for me.  The title was promising, so was the cover.  Even the description of the book got to me and then when it got down to actually reading the book, I got a headache.  Here's why.

Lady Georgiana was tricked out of her virginity.  Yes, it's the classic story of girl falls in love with boy, boy makes her many promises, girl gives up her cookies, boy says thanks and goes on his way.

That was not the end of it.  Georgiana gets pregnant from that one time and she was shunned from the ton.  In her shame she fled, only to come back for whatever reason.

Vowing to avenge herself, Georgiana creates a new identity named Chase, that many in London fear but must never know the true identity of. Georgiana wants to crush everyone that has ever treated her wrongly, and to do that, she must get their secrets.

Ten years later, things were going well.  She built a club with the entrance fee being giving up one of your secrets for entrance (Which is really stupid to actually agree too). Now something has Georgiana crawling back to get into the good graces of the ton once more. That is to save her daughter from the horrible words that people will call her in the coming years.

Georgiana must now wed someone with a good title in order to put a halt on the names they are already starting to call her daughter.  She already has a candidate in mind and, and she is determined to have him, even if she has to use blackmail in order to do so.

There was an unexpected hinge in her plans, in the name of Duncan West.  He says that he wants to help her, but when he unexpectedly uncovered one of her secrets, can she trust him not to tell? Especially seeing as he is the owner of the newspaper that started anew the rumors about her?

Duncan West has a terrible secret, one that is only known by one man who uses his weakness to do his bidding.  Now he has the chance to be free of him and all he has to do is find out the identity of Chase.  

Would Duncan find out Chase's true identity?  Would Georgiana get what she wants for her daughter? Would the love that blossoms between the two even have a chance to grow?  Find out in the fourth installment of the Rules of Scoundrels, Never Judge a Lady by her Cover.

This book was a major let down.  It had so much potential and I was so geared up to read it so I felt extra disappointment when it failed my expectations.

In the first chapter, it shows Georgiana saying how she will avenge herself and make them pay.  In chapter two, it was said again, and chapter three and chapter four it may have been skipped in chapter five but then it was mentioned again in chapter 6 and so on and so on.

The repetition killed it pretty badly but the plot had some flaws as well.  If she hated the people of the ton so much, why would she try to even step back into that circle?  Yeah she said it was because of her daughter, but is her daughter better off associating with these people?  I think not.

Also, you are ruined and your daughter by extension is also ruined.  Even if she gets married, people are still going to shun you and your daughter, no matter who you marry. People back then were very stubborn and crude.  

This also painted Georgiana as a hypocrite, seeing as how she despised the ton but wanted her daughter to be a part of it.  What values is she teaching her daughter?

Georgiana was bad, but I have never met a male main character I have not liked and I DO NOT like Duncan West at all.  He was selfish and only thought of his worries.

Duncan found out that Georgiana had a second life as Anne, the most sought after prostitute at Chase's club.  He decided to use this information to his advantage and pestered Georgina to "give up" Chase so he can "save" her from him.

He takes and takes and takes from Georgiana but when she asks him about himself, he closes up and refuses to give her anything in return. 

Another thing that bothered me about him is that for years he knew of Anna, have seen and talked to her and never made a move, but as soon as he knew that she was a proper lady, then he wanted to go out of his way to "save" her.  

This book made me so mad, you have no idea.  I can go on and on about what's wrong about this book and this blog post would go on forever, but their was some good points, although they were few.

The story kept me interested until the end and I like the strength that Georgina had and that's it for me really. Please read this book and tell me your views on this book, maybe I missed something.