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Well this cover is totally different from the other books and I have to say, I like it the most. I believe that a different designer was used to make this cover, and I have to applaud this person for thinking differently.

Isabelle Masters feels empowered. Finally having the strength to leave the lying piece of s**t she called a fiance, Isabelle drives off into the night.  No destination in mind, that is until she was pulled over. Then her destination was a police building.

Handcuffed and her few possessions taken from her, Isabelle thought that she has sunk to an all time low. Feeling sorry for herself, the last person she did not want see her in this position, shows up to her rescue.

Thinking about treating his brother for the night, Gabe is shocked yet pleased to see the object of his affection (more like lust) chained to his brother's desk. Learning why she was in this predicament had his blood boiling in anger, and offers to help Isabelle.

Having depended on a man before, Isabelle wants to stand on her own two feet.  So accepting any help from Gabe was painful, it was like falling back into old habbits.  After he helped her out of this mess, she was planning to thank him and be on her way, but Gabe would hear none of that.

Deciding to take her to his home until she knows what direction she wants to take with her life, Isabelle reluctantly agreed (as if she had a choice).  After some series of sizzling events, Isabelle runs off in the middle of the night, okay it was not at night, but it just sounded more cool that way, for her own sanity.

Months past, and the two meet again when Isabelle accepts and invitation to Eden, an exclusive island resort where everything and anything is possible.

Would Isabelle fall back into her old habit and let Gabe run her life?  Would Gabe finally learn to let go of his control issues and allow Isabelle the space she needs?  Find out in the third installment of the Dare to Love Series, Dare to Surrender, Welcome to Eden.

This was by far, my favorite book in the series.  I loved that Isabelle actually learned from her past mistakes and moved on.  As readers, we know that when the man and woman meets, she is going to fall in love with him and he her, but the characters don't know that and I loved that Isabelle refused to fall back on bad habits.

Gabe was a total sweetheart.  He wanted to be her knight in shinning armor and when she refused him, he gave her the space she needed.  But with his controlling ways, or more accurate, his need for control, did not let him lose track of her.

When his patience ran out, he went for his woman.  How can anybody resist a man like that.  Isabelle was stronger than anybody thought, even herself when she found the power to walk away from Gabe.  His sexiness was like a  magnet to many, you go girl.

Fans of +Carly Phillips would enjoy this book and even if you don't like like her, you are going to love this book.  Who does not like a smoking hot romance about a woman getting over her abusive boyfriend and learning to stand on her own two feet?  No on can resist this combination, read the book and see if you can resist, I dare you!