DARE TO LOVE by Carly Phillips

January 11, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Ian Dare has issues, it's all thanks to his father who left him and his family to live with his other family.  Confuse?  Ian's father married his mother only because it was arranged.  Years later, Ian's father actually found the love of his life and decided to start a relationship even though he is still married.

Years later and many children later,(on both sides) due to one of his kids getting sick, the two families finally found out about each other.

The person to take the biggest blow was Ian, and he vowed to never be like his lying, cheating, unfair sorry excise of a father! 

Not wanting to take a chance, Ian gives his all to his family but with relationships, he is cool and up-front about what he is willing to give.

All this change, when walking on the arm of his half brother is none other than his destined mate.  No, this is not a werewolf type series, but it could of, since in all the books, each main characters felt an instant connection to each other . 

There is just something about this creature named Riley Taylor, that draws his long buried protective instincts that makes Ian actually want to take a chance at the relationship thing.  The only draw back is that he has to make peace with his half siblings, the constant reminder of his pain.

Riley Taylor's life is not feeling all to hot at this moment.  The company that she has invested most of her life and energy into, is under new management.  The bad thing about that is that they are letting people go at an alarming rate and Riley fears that she would be next.

The last thing she needs is the sizzling connecting she feels with Ian.  Trying to go against what her heart tells her, Riley tries, key word tries, to stay away from Ian.  Having put up with dominating men for far too, long, Riley wants no part of Ian.

But with a bond as strong as theirs, how can Riley resist? Having an evil from the past pop up out of no-where and threaten the life she has worked so hard for, would Riley give in to Ian and accept his help? Or would she stick with her independence and work it out for herself?  Find out in the first installment of the Dare to Love Series by Carly Phillips.

+Carly Phillips wrote an interesting book that had be enchanted until the end.  I had fun reading it but it was too simple and easy.  I like instant love but mostly in werewolf books, and the instant love did not work here.

I could understand that they had an instant attraction between the two, but it was only their first meeting and wham, their lips already were sucking on each other.  I know, weird right.

The story was not all bad, there was a lot of fun parts, with Ian and Riley having their hands all over each other. These two damaged souls actually found a way to be with each other and was in an actual relationship.

My problem with them is that when s**t hit the fan, they were ready to call it quits.  After all they've been through, Ian leaves Riley but technically, Riley left him first. Riley needed to learn between independence and stupid stubborn.

Her plan made absolutely no sense, but she went and did it anyway.  That is what happens to people who won't accept help from people who actually care about them.

Confused about what I'm talking about, read the book and find out.