DARE TO DESIRE by Carly Phillips

January 11, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Alex Dare is a pro football player who seem to have it all, fans, money and any girl who catches his fancy.  Yes life was good until a serious head injury lends him into an early retirement.

Not knowing what to do with his life, now that his career is over;  an opportunity arises from one of the most unusual places, his big brother Ian.

Always thinking that Ian wants nothing to do with him, Alex is instantly suspicious, but with nothing better to do, Alex accepts and comes face to face with the woman he let go, in one of the most harshest of ways.

Madison Evans has a great opportunity to help football athletes cope with their life after football.  She was very excited to help those in need, but their is one problem.  Madison has to work with non other than Alex Dare.

Growing up moving from foster care, to foster care.  Madison has had her fair share of feeling unwanted. So smooth talking Alex Dare, does not intimidate her with his money and his fame, but having gone down that road with him, and getting badly burnt for her troubles, Madison vows not to succumb to Alex again.  At least not easily.

Alex wants Madison and he is accustomed to getting what he wants.  Accepting the challenge to win her over, would Madison fall in the same trap again?  Or has Alex changed for the better and falling for him all over again won't be a mistake?

Find out in the sexy, sizzling second installment of the Dare to Love series, Dare to Desire!

+Carly Phillips sure had fun writing this story.  Madison and Alex had a wonderful love story that made sense and felt real.  I liked how Alex had to work for Madison's affection and even though she gave in, she did not give in.  If you understand what I mean.

There were part of the book that made me cringe a bit.  Those parts were when the characters where talking about making love, and kissing and then it turned into this down and dirty type of way.  With the words p***y, c**k and  f**k coming into play.

It kind of threw me off because they were talking normal and the abrupt change from that to talking nasty was a shock.  After reading on more, I started to not mind as much until the next love scene started, and I felt that shock all over again.

I love dirty talk, it's a turn on but it just did not fit with the feel of this book.  The one I liked was Dare to Submit, now that book is where the dirty talk was much appreciated.  I find that it could have even used some more, but I'm not talking about the fourth book in the series,  I'm talking about this one and besides the inappropriate dirty talk, there was much to be entertained by.