DARE ME by Kelly Jamieson

January 27, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Well this book was different!  I liked it, it was hot and spicy and l loved the scene when he rammed her against the wall and.......(clears throat) moving on to my review.

Micki Arnott, an interior designer, was very excited. Her boyfriend for over a year is finally going to pop the question.  At least she hopes he is.  Buzzing with anticipation, Micki was excited the entire day and could not wait for later that night.

Dressing her best, wanting to look good for her boyfriend Garret, and even though he has not said that he loved her, she knows he does, just by the simple things he does for her.  

When they were seated at the restaurant, and Garret said he had something important to tell her. Instead of the diamond ring she was expected; she got a contract instead?

Garret Caulfield wants Micki to move in with him, to commit to him and no one else.  Knowing the disaster that love and marriage can bring, he wants none of that after seeing his parents hurt and fight each other, all in the name of love.  He does not want him and Nicki to turn out that way, hence the contract.

The contract states the perimeter of their relationship and if in the future, they change their minds and don't want to be together anymore, they can shake hands and move on, with no messy divorce and hard feelings left behind.

Instead of excepting his "proposal", Micki throws his contract back in his face and tells him to never contact her again.  Wanting to understand what had gone wrong, Garret tried to talk to Micki about what was wrong but they started an argument instead.

Not wanting to give up on Nicki, but refusing to end up like his parents, Garret leaves Nicki alone.  Even though he feels a powerful pain in his chest while doing it.  Nicki knows she is doing the right thing, she deserves to be love in the same way her parents love each other. She's not going to find that love by wasting her time with a man who does not even believe in it.

Is Nicki making a big mistake on giving up on Garret?  Is Garret foolish for giving up on Nicki? Would these two find their way back to each other?  Find out in Dare Me!

+Kelly Jamieson wrote an amazing book about love and ignorance.  This may seem as if Garret is the bad guy in this story but surprisingly he's not.  The characters where fun to read about and not to mention the steaminess that was available to my reading pleasure.

One thing that turned me off in the beginning was the dirty talk.  I love dirty talk, it's awesome to read about but it just did not fit in this book.  I found myself laughing when Garret talked dirty to Micki.  I could not help myself, it just did not feel right in that instance, especially what he called her lady part.

Miss Jamiseon redeemed herself with the scene with him pressing her against the door, with Micki's legs wrapped around his waist and the visuals was very great indeed.  You'll know what I mean when you read the book.

Micki and Garret was a nice love story and I need not feel as if something was missing, which is great for any book.