A TOUCH OF PASSION by Bronwen Evans

January 30, 2015 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I was so excited to receive this book.  I read the first two books in the series, and I loved them and this book was no different.

Being kidnapped and sold to harem is more than the high spirited and independent Lady Portia Flagstaff can take.  She loves excitement and danger but this, this was too much.

She has to find a way to escape, but what can she do?  She is only one woman, up against hundreds of guards.  Her only hope is in Grayson Devlin, Viscount Blackwood. A man who despises her reckless ways, but sets her heart on fire.

After losing his entire family when he was young, Greyson Devlin, also lost his best friend in the war. He promised his best friend, as he was dying, that he would look after his sister.

Having her abducted and sold in to slavery is not exactly a good way of keeping his promise.  Enraged, Greyson sailed off as soon as he learned about her kidnapping and miraculously, he was able to save her.

Now in order to protect her reputation, he must marry her; which is the last thing he can possible want.  To make matters worse, it seems as if Portia was targeted because of him.  Someone wants to frame him and his friends for a crime their father's had committed.

Not only does he have to find the culprit who is out to frame them, Greyson also has to convince Portia to marry him.  Not really understanding why she refuses him, since it seems as if she wanted to marry him for years, but she has the ridiculous notion of marrying for love.

Would Portia agree to marry Greyson without gaining his love?  Would Greyson learn to accept Portia's independent nature?  Find out in the third installment of The Disgraced Lords Series, A Touch of Passion.

+Bronwen Evans I loved, loved, LOVED, this book.  I enjoyed the passion that Portia had to life.  She did not want to leave this earth with any regrets, but that attitude is what made her such an easy target to kidnap as well.

Greyson on the other hand, likes Portia, but denies himself (and by extension her) from claiming what he wants.  In my opinion, Greyson needs to get over himself.  He just thought that Portia would change her ways to please him and that she would except his marriage proposal.

In a nutshell, he wanted her to change who she was to please him. And what does he have to give up? Absolutely nothing. How is that fair? He does not want to proclaim his love to her, but she is not free to love anyone else.  Greyson was really selfish and pigheaded and deserved Portia leaving him.

Ah, you're wondering about the leaving part right?  Besides the mystery, the writing was amazing in the story and the story quite compelling.  I want to know who's out to get them for something their fathers did?  I want the other book in the series to come out already, but it's coming out in mid 2015.  No set date yet, bummer.

I strongly advice that you read this book, BUT you have to read the first two books to fully grasp what's going on.