TWITTER GIRL by Nic Tatano

December 18, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Twitter has gotten to be really well known and they even had it as a basis for this book.  This book was major fun; where else would you find an over six feet amazon who rocks high heels.

Cassidy Shea, widely known as @TwitterGirl, has unfortunately lost her job due to poor words placement.  In the face of losing her job and the whole world hating on her, to further put a slap to her face, her boyfriend also took a hike.

In the face of total ruin, a knight in shining armor comes to save the day by offering her a job for just being her Twitter Girl self.  Working close to the most eligible bachelor, Will Becker, is a huge bonus, seeing as he is running to be President of the United States of America and looking for a first lady. 

Twitter Girl catches Will's eye, but so does her best friend.  Now he is dating them both and it's not clear who he likes more.

Feeling down about the confusion that is her love life, Cassidy is thankful for her job.  But things take a mysterious turn when an anonymous text comes on her phone, informing her that things are not as they seem.

This sparks her journalistic curiosity and Cassidy starts digging.  Is Will who he says he is?  The answer will shock you as it did me.  I seriously did not see that one coming.  

+Nic Tatano is awesome; I need to get some more of her books.  This book had me on edge.  I just wanted more and more of it.  Cassidy is one of the most unique characters I had ever read into existence in my head.

She was falling for this man, she had stars in her eyes yet she was still able to find a horrible secret on him and threatened him with it.  Now what did he do is the question.  It was so shocking what his secret was.  I was thinking about murder or money laundering, what it was, was much, much worse. Oh Dear.

After the smoke had cleared, there was still some story left to read, which is unusual.  I mean, after the person finds out something on the bad guy, it has about one more chapter and the book would be finished.  Not this book, I had to remind myself that this book is about @TwitterGirl and that this is her story.

Her story does not start and end with the campaign and her job; it starts and ends with her.  So enjoy this book people and keep in mind that this book is about Cassidy foremost, and about the presidential campaign after.