December 30, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book is AWESOME but also a thought into woman's mind.  At first I was on Lady X side but when I finished the book and gave it some thought, she set herself up for heartbreak.  Here's what happened.

Lady Xenobia India is no quitter.  When life threw her down, she got up, dust herself off and got right back into it. Having grown up in to odd and heartbreaking parents, Lady Xenobia vowed to never be like her them.

She worked hard to make a name for herself by charging alarming fees to redesign people's homes and after doing it for many years, Xenobia decided that it's time to stop.

Now her new quest is to find a husband and it cannot be from the hundreds of men who have already proposed to her. (Long Story) She has an agenda, and that is to never marry for love.

Having made his own fortune, Thorn Dautry, having been born out of wedlock, decides it's time to marry.

But in order to marry the lady of his choosing, he must first win the acceptance of the girl's mother.  Who is quite a handful.  In order to do this, he must put on a civilized facade and Lady Xenobia is just the woman to help him.

Now, Lady Xenobia has only three weeks (hence the title, get it?) to make Thorn into the embodiment of a gentleman.  Would three weeks be enough time for the scope of work that Xenobia has to do?  Would the heat that rises between them get into each other's plans?  Want to know the answer?  Find out in this thrilling read by +Eloisa James, Three Weeks with Lady X.

This is my first read by +Eloisa James and it started off well.  The book started with a bit of comedy and it was a nice ice-breaker into the book.  The characters were fun and I especially liked Rose.  So acted so mature for her age and I had no choice but to fall in love with her. 

The only thing is, I did not think that Lady Xenobia was the victim in this book like the author meant it to be.  To me the true victim was Thorn and here is why I think that.  Thorn told Xenobia his goal from day one.  He wanted to marry Lala, and he needed her mother's approval.

Lady Xenobia now, fell in love with him and expected him to drop his plans and choose her.  I understand her feelings, I really do, but when a man makes a plan, it takes something big for him to alter it.

Thorn was the perfect gentleman, yes he was until Xenobia lied and allowed him to have his way with her.  He protested and she encouraged him.  Don't think bad about her, it's just that she handled the situation badly and I did feel for her, but she created this mess mostly by herself.

Thorn never thought that he would have a shot with a Lady of Xenobia's social standing.  He is a bastard son and as far as he knew, bastards do not marry Ladies.  She never really gave him any other thought in the matter either.

This book had me feeling when I was reading the book, which was, feeling sorry for Xenobia and when I finished the book and thought about it, I felt for Thorn more that Xenobia.  Everything worked out in the end, but the journey to that end was a bumpy one at best and I actually thought that they would go their separate ways (not really).

You'll see what I'm talking about when you read the book.