December 07, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Hmmm, The Dukes of war book 0.5?  Yeah I know, it's weird to read a book marked as 0.5 in a series, yet it has intrigued me.

Lady Amelia Pembroke is what you would call a control freak, but in a good way.  She does not rub her knowledge in your face and make you feel inadequate.  She just goes to her memory pantry (yes you heard me right) and predict things that would happen and put things in place to help.

Everyone loves and adores her. Including her younger brother who Amelia suspects has not taken a wife because of her.  So in order to remedy that, she knows that she must marry first.  The best way to meet all of her candidates is at the Sheffield's annual Christmas Ball.

The only problem with this plan is that there is not going to be a ball this year since the building to host the even was struck by lightning and burned down.

Not the one to have such trivial things stand in the way of her plans, Amelia takes it upon herself to safe the party, whether the host wants it or not.  Eventually everyone comes around to her way of thinking.

Lord Benedict Sheffield did not know what to make of the woman who gained entrance into his home, simply by threatening to sit outside in the cold, reading a book until he will permit her entrance.  If that was not shocking enough, she announced that she would take over the Christmas party he no longer felt the need to hold this year.

It seems that telling the lady no has no effect, so Benedict has no choice but to go along with the lady's wishes, BUT, they would do things his way. It did not take him long to realize the error of his thinking.  What he did not plan on was falling in love with the little know-it-all but still plans to make her his.

+Erica Ridley had a fun story but not enough words.  The beginning bored me and I only started to enjoy myself when Adeline started to spar with Benedict.   The book was going along good until it did a complete 180 on me. 

One minute Amelia was making Benedict think that he was having his way and the next they fall desperately in love with each other.  It had my thoughts spinning, how did that happen so fast and was accepted so quickly?

Then I remembered that this book is in fact a 0.5 in the series and a short interlude of what is to come.  I hope the rest of the series does not make this same mistake of realizing and accepting the love they fell for the other.  The book would not be as entertaining as it should.