December 30, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book was...something else.  It had no excitement and there was no mystery.  I knew who the murderer was very early on in the book and I was just wishing that the book would just get to the point already.

Pru Parke has gotten the job of her dreams.  She got the position of head gardener at an eighteenth-century manor house in Sussex.  The landscape of Primrose House was originally designed by Humphry Repton. It is Pru's job to restore the garden to it's former glory with guidance from one of Repton's famous red books.

Pru is excited and up to the task when a murderer throws an ax into her plans.

One of Pru's gardening crew has been brutally murdered and an investigation is undergone to catch the culprit who did it.

Not being new to dead bodies, Pru starts asking questions to get to the bottom of this mystery.  With the help from her sexy inspector, Christopher Pearse. 

Now it is up to Pru to finish the garden, dig into the mysterious background of her family and find the killer all at once, before the wrong person is put behind bars.  Would Pru catch the killer or would she loose her head over it? 

+Marty Wingate wrote a nice book. It just did not do anything for me.  The book was going so slow, (in my opinion) that I went ahead and read four books before I got back to this one.  Seriously!

My major problem with this book is that the reactions were underwhelmed and also, I knew who the killer was and it did not come as a surprise to me when Pru confirmed it.  The clues were obviously planted and the suspects had no substance. 

The only spice in this entire book was the obnoxious inspector that was in charge of the investigation.  Pru's love life was dull to me.  It did not seem hot, it was more of a mellow kind of love which I am not accustom reading about.  Thinking about it, it was kind of sweet in it's own way.

By underwhelmed reaction, I mean that the author was describing how Pru found her first dead body and they past right over it in one sentence.  They did not paint a picture to me on what she was feeling or how she reacted and in turn I did not react to it.

If an arrow pasted right by your face do you A) Run away as fast as you can   B) Hide  or  C) Stand right where you are and call to see if anyone is there?  Which one do you think Pru did?  

I don't know what really threw me off about this book, I just know it did.  Hopefully it was not the ages of the main characters (hopefully).  All in all, the book was readable, it just was too slow for me. When you read the book, tell me what you think about it.