ROOMIES by Lindy Zart

December 06, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I am a Zartian, hear me roar (more like write a review).  Earlier on my blog I posted about Roomies, which is a story about how a complected girl was in love with her roommate.  Things get iffy when his brother comes into the picture and a whole load of goodies took place.  Here's what happen.

Kennedy Somers is one weird girl.  Yes you heard me, Kennedy is a she.  Blame her father for wanting a boy.  Kennedy is in love with her roommate Graham Malone and it hurts to be near him.  It also hurts to be away from him, so what did she do, she chose to stay near him.

Kennedy thinks the world of Graham.  He makes her smile, laugh and accepts her for who she is, a crazy girl who is brutally honest.  Kennedy wants nothing more than to tell Graham how she feels, but fear stops her every time.

Graham is to perfect, to hot, to mesmerizing to ever fall in love with a girl like her.  (Well that's her thoughts anyway) and Kennedy decides that it's not worth it to risk what they have by confessing and settles for the painful relationship of being Roomies.

Things change when Graham's brother comes to stay with them for the summer.  Blake is everything Graham is not.  He's wild, unpredictable and sexy as hell.  Okay, well at least they have the sexiness in common at least.  Blake is made all the more cooler by having a dark past.

Something weird happens and it felt like Kennedy stepped into an alternate universe were everyone starts to act differently.  Blake shows interest in Kennedy and intends to court her, but would Graham like the idea of his brother dating his roommate?   

Who would Kennedy choose in the end?  Would she give up on her feelings for Graham and choose the man who wants her?  Or would Graham come to his senses and fight with his brother to win her hand?  That does not sound like Graham, but you never know.  Find out in the thrilling and funny tale about Roomies.

+Lindy Zart is amazing.  True story.  She writes stories that you can relate to and have you either laughing or crying.  In Roomies her main character of Kennedy is a bold and strong chose.  In short, Kennedy is awesome.  You never know what is going to come out of her mouth next. She also classes this book in the Young Adult genre, but don't be fooled, this book is for everybody.

I thought this book would have been in the views of both Graham and Kennedy, but sorry guys, we only know what Kennedy thought  throughout the entire book.

At first I though Graham was gay, I still think that he is and hiding it.  I started to like Graham and then when is brother came and he acted like a callous ass towards his own brother I really disliked him.  His brother had the guts to do want he wanted to do and Graham was angry with him for that.  I wanted to hit Graham a lot in this book.

His brother needed his help and instead of giving it, he fought with him instead.  I really felt sorry for Blake and congratulate Kennedy for being there for him when his own brother was not. 

There were some funny parts as well, the part with the clown was both creeping and cool.  Anyone who tackles a clown and whacks it in the face is okay in my book.  (GO KENNEDY!) LOL. Also the part where Kennedy got into a fight with an old girlfriend of Graham and of course, two old people making out in the closet.

Do I have your interest yet?  This book is spills, trills and fun all around and I can't wait for more work from Lindy Zart.