RING ON HER FINGER by Lisa Swinton

December 14, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This book got me so angry.  This girl was not serious.  She did not deserve him and I wished he realized that he was better off without her and move on.

Amanda St. Clair had a "What happens in Vegas" moment when she married the rich playboy, Blake Worthington, whom she loathed for the past four years.  Having the worst hangover of her life was not helping matters and all Amanda wanted was out of this so call marriage.

With a promise to have the marriage annulled from her "husband", Amanda returns home, praying for this to end with no-one finding out about her stupid mistake.

Her mistake was not so easily solved when Blake showed up on her doorstep, claiming that his parents cut him off and he has to pay for the annulment himself.

Not wanting the spoiled rich kid to mingle with her family, but seeing as how she has no choice, she reluctantly allows Blake to stay.

As the weeks went by and Blake did not go running back to his parents, Amanda sees a new side of Blake that she never knew existed.  Now she finds herself wanting their marriage to be real but can she really trust Blake with her heart?

+Lisa Swinton wrote a book that had tears of pain streaming down my face.  I felt for Blake, his family is messed up and unhappy.  Whoever said that money can buy you happiness never met Blake's family.  I can understand how Blake acted the way he did but for the life of me, I cannot, in no way, understand Amanda.

Amanda grew up with loving parents, awesome brothers and sisters and a neighborhood that knew and loved everybody.  I do not understand how she could have turned out to be such a royal pain in the a**.

Because of something that happened four years ago, Amanda has condemned Blake to be a jerk for the rest of his life.  No matter how much evidence showed that he is an AMAZING guy, at every chance she gets, she turns on him and makes him feel inadequate.

She knows that his life is in ciaos right now, she knows how much pain he's in but does she care, NO.  All she cares about is herself.  Her mom, father, brother, sister and best friend told her to give him a chance, but she has already written him off and wants him gone.

Even when she realized that she loved him do you think that she would go after him, well thing again!  I cannot give away too much but just know Blake was a sweetheart and Amanda was a complete B*T*H.

The book was fun to read but not constant.  Nothing in Amanda's past could explain her extreme lack of trust and empathy for others and that had Amanda in a bad light or me.  If there was just something to fully explain the extreme to which Amanda took in pushing Blake away, and one kiss is not a good enough reason for me.

I had a nice time reading this book and hope Blake comes to his senses and dump her, but it does not seem as if that is going to happen.