December 16, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

It feels so wrong reading this book before even reading Chloe and Sawyer's story.  But first come first serve (most of the time anyway).

Wild child Chloe Thompson cannot believe how her life has turned out and she has the stomach to prove it.  Having a bun in the oven is making Chloe more cranky than usual.  

She takes most of her frustration out on her sexy (but not as sexy as Ford) husband  Sawyer, which may or may not have put a strain on their relationship. 

Hating that Sawyer is constantly put in danger because of his job, since he has taken on more work recently.  Chloe wonders if Sawyer really has to go on these missions or if he does it just to get away from her.

Feeling terrified and alone in a room filled of people who love her, all Chloe wants for Christmas is the reassurance that Sawyer loves her, and of course, Sawyer himself.

But going a week without her husband is driving her mad, especially since she is close to her due date.  Would Sawyer make it back in time for the birth of their child?  Find out in +Jill Shalvis's new book, Merry Christmas Baby.

+Jill Shalvis is spreading the love this year with a short story about love, friendship and mystery gifts.  This was a short but sweet story showing Chloe's soft side, which she does not like to show to often.

It felt wrong reading this book before the actual book for Chloe and Sawyer but I know I will get to that book eventually, (when I get it).

The only bad thing about the book was that it was REALLY short.  The words was so well written, you won't even mind that the book is in fact a novella.  Fans of Jill Shalvis would truly enjoy this book as I have.