December 14, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Two wonderful stories about family, love and determination.  I loved all the characters in this book and the stories just got better with each new story.  BONUS!  There are two short stories for your enjoyment at the end of the book!

Simply Irresistible

Maddie is having a not so good life right now.  She has just broken up from a bad relationship, lost her job and is close to being penniless. 

Not wanting to lose faith, Maddie puts on a brave face and drives to Lucky Harbor where her mother left her and her two sisters an Inn.

Feeling good about herself, things came crashing down when she ran someone off the road for one.  The other is that when she arrived at the Inn, it was to discover that it was nothing more than a ramshackle building in need of being torn down.

Her sisters decided to sell, but knowing that this is her only shot, Maddie convinces them to take a chance on her. Would she fail them and herself, or would Maddie find everything that she was looking for and more.

The Sweetest Thing

Tara is a piece of work.  She puts on a brave face but is constantly second guessing herself along the way. Needing to forget the disaster that is her life back home, Tara decides to focus all her energy into making the Inn she and her sisters decided to re-open together a success.

Deciding to go with the motto of "Fake it until you make it", Tara sets out to do her best to get her life back on track, but things doesn't go the way she envisioned.

Tara finds herself being the rope of a game of tug-of-war between her ex-husband and her former boyfriend. One of which seem not to even try all that hard to win her.

Can Tara keep her sanity with two testosterone filled men vying for her attention?  Things become even more complicated when someone from her past comes back wanting answers.  Oh this story was just to good.

+Jill Shalvis gave her readers a treat with this book.  Two books telling of two out of three sisters, and how they got their life back on track and how they also found the love of their lives.  Yes it happened to both sisters and don't worry, Chloe's story is coming, it just did not happen around Christmas like Maddie and Tara.

Now the men in these stories, WOW (fans self) Maddie's man, Jax was hot and I thought I found a new book boyfriend but Tara's sweetheart beat Jax out of the race.  Ford is officially one of my book boyfriends and he would be one of yours too.  (Yes, he is that great)

Now the book would have you laughing and wanting to get into the action yourself, but unfortunately, we can't actually jump into a book.  I had no issues with the writing, just the characters. 

I know that they had bad experiences in the past, but why does it that when a good man comes into your life, you are determined to push him away, but you allow the a**holes to slip in.  I might be thinking of another book with this one, but my statement still stands.

Maddie was bad but Tara was worst.  She wants to put all the blame on others, (mainly Ford) and does not want to accept that things were in part her fault as well.

Now for the Bonus

This book comes with two bonus stories from two people who we got attached to in the book and one who should have left Lucky Harbor and stayed out.  Who are these people you may ask? You have to read the book to find out!