November 24, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

The best love stories happen around Christmas and this is just one of the many.  The characters in this book will just grasp your heart and not let go.

Bailey Voss has got it bad.  Bailey is crushing on an ex-football player named Kenny Scoot,  but she knows that he is out of her league.  Kenny only dates super thin, well endowed women, that are mostly models and actors. 

Bailey knows that she does not stand a chance at catching Kenny's attention, seeing as how she is a single mom and battling to lose that extra twenty pounds, but hey, a girl can day dream.  

Things change when the mayor of Fool's Gold roped Kenny and Bailey to "volunteer" to run a toy drive. Bailey got to see the sweet, generous and kind side of Kenny and that coupled with his ruggedly good looks, Bailey was falling and falling hard.  To bad Kenny already told her where they stand.

Having gone through losing someone important to him, Kenny Scott has vowed to never again date a single mom.  Things were going as plan until sexy, curvy single mom Bailey Voss walks in and takes his breathe away.

Working on the toy drive together has made them spend a lot of quality time together and Kenny not only finds Bailey attractive, but he also likes her.  Thinking that stating his intentions from day one would help, Kenny is to be disappointed because everything Bailey does has his heart racing and brings out his protective instincts.

If only Bailey did not have a child already, she would have been perfect.  Kenny wants to settle down and have a family and he thinks that he has found that with Bailey.  Will Bailey already having a kid be a deal breaker or would Kenny get over his fear of loss and have a happy ever after.

The only way to find out is the read the book.  It also fits in with the holiday theme, welcome to a Fool's Gold Christmas.

+Susan Mallery was having some very awesome thoughts when she was writing this book.  I love Kenny and Bailey.  How can I love Kenny you ask?  Even though he did not want to date Bailey because of her having a kid, it was not because he did not like kids, it's because he loves them to much.

Kenny says that kids get at you.  They chip away at you until your nothing but putty in their hand and you have no choice other than to love them with all your hearts.  The problem with single mom are, when you fall in love with the kid and it does not work out, you not only lose the woman, but the kid leaves with a part of your heart.

How can I be mad at him for that. He was just trying to keep himself safe.  He was not doing a very good job of it since he barged his way into her life and started getting involved.  He was just being to hard to resist, how can anyone not fall in love with him.

Bailey seriously needed some confidence boost about herself.  She was obviously beautiful, but she did not think about herself that way.  Kenny saw what she did not see in herself and embraced it.  

The question is, was if enough for Kenny to get over his pain and his fear?  Was Bailey worth the risk?  I know the answer and the only way you would know is to read the book.