WINTER BRIDES: Three Novellas in one

November 21, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

In a December Bride, Alright, I read this part of the series after A February Bride and it was okay, I enjoyed a February Bride better but this was good in it's own way.

Seth Murphy is in trouble.  He found the perfect woman in Layla O'Reilly, but his best friend beat him to the punch and asked her out first.  If that was not bad enough, his best friend leaves Layla for her cousin and now Layla is putting all the blame on him since he introduced the two. How can Seth fix this, read and find out.

Having no date for the wedding of her witch of a cousin and the fiance she stole from her.  Layla was desperate and in a fit of poor helplessness agreed to go to the wedding with the man that made this all happen (in her twisted mind any way).

Things don't go as plan when a marriage was announced out of duress but it was all a misunderstanding.  Things go from bad to worse before anything can be cleared up and now Seth and Layla are "pretend" engaged.

To clear things up now would make Layla lose out on a major job so Seth goes along with it. Seth thinks the more time she spends with him, that Layla will fall in love with him and they can live happily ever after.  But can Layla get over her anger and hold it over his head forever.  Find out in A December Bride.

In a January BrideSuccessful author Madeleine Houser is forced out of the place she is currently staying at because of the war zone...........I mean, constructions that are currently taking place.

An accident prompts her neighbor to tell her about a bed and breakfast that sits vacant all day whilst the owner goes to work in another town.  Needing the peace and quit and a place to heal, Madeleine agrees and an amazing adventure was born.

Seeing has how her neighbor, Ginny, is advanced in years, Madeleine thought that her friend must be as well.  The story about how he lost his wife cemented her thoughts and Madeleine thought that Arthur was an elderly gentleman.

The flip side of this story that had me laughing was that Arthur thought the same thing.  Now Madeleine and Arthur occupy a space at different periods of time but they both feel each other's presence. 

What was really precious and old school, is that even though they've never met, they become good friends through my good friend, paper and ink.  They leave notes to one another almost each day and they get to know each through their cute little notes.

Soon they both start to fall in love with each other.  It would have been okay if they both did not think that they liked and elderly person.  To made it more complicated (yes more complicated than having the hots for an eighty year old), Arthur is still not over the death of his wife and Madeleine has a terrible track record of men.

When these two meet for the first time face to face, would all the doubts and fears clear away, or would it hang over them like their own personal thunder cloud and ruin their chances of a happy ending before it can even begin? (thunder crashes above head.........for effect)

FEBRUARY BRIDEIn a February Bride, Allie Andrews is cursed.  Not just her, her entire family is cursed and she could not be any more cursed than wearing the wedding dress that her grandmother, mother and aunt has gotten married in, more that once.

On her wedding day, wearing that dress, that cursed dress that has plagued her family for generations, Allie knew that she could not do it.  She can't go through with the wedding and ruin his life, so in a state of self-sacrifice (or so she tells herself) Allie picks up herself and ran. (Yes, like run-away bride)

You see, Allie's family has a long history of failed marriages and they don't just get married once, they do it over and over and over again.  It's hard to believe, but it's true.

Two months later, Allie's best friend tracks her down to tell her her big news.  She is going to get married and she wants Allie to be her Matron of Honor. It seems like a good idea except that her friend is the sister of the man she left standing at the alter.

In order to get through this, Allie must come face to face with the man she "saved".  Would she be able to do this, or would her shame keep her away?

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