November 11, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Keeping in the theme of the season, here's a lovely Christmas story for you.  This is a re-issue of a book that Susan Mallery published in 1998 and it was named Wedding Ring Promise back then.  Now it has a new title as well as a  new cover, enjoy!

Molly Anderson is having a bad life.  Not only does her mother seem to hate her, her father is indifferent to her and her sister can't stand her.  The love of her life, bad-boy Dylan Black, is moving away from town.

Before Dylan left, he gave her a wedding ring (that he was going to give to her sister) and promised her that when she is ready to go on an adventure, all she has to do is find him and give him the ring.  With that he drove away on his motorcycle.

Years later, Molly's life seems to get worse and the only saving grace is that she and her sister are now on great terms.  After having the most horrible week of her life that begins with her losing her job and her fiance leaving her for his young secretary.  Molly feels trapped and just needs to get away.  In packing her suitcase, Molly saw the ring that Dylan gave to her and an insane idea came to her head. Sticking with her new motto of "living with no regrets" Molly goes off to find her adventure.

Dylan Black is having a conundrum.  He was able to start his own business of building and selling motorcycles and that makes him very proud but an offer to purchase his company has him thinking about what he should do.

The money is amazing and they would keep him on as an employee to work on all the bikes he can possible think of but something stops him from going through with it.  A welcome distraction came in the form of little Molly Anderson the sister of the woman he once loved.

Now the two of them are off to an adventure where they discover surprisingly new things about each other and themselves.  Read the exciting n story of self-discovery and love and it fits in with the theme of Christmas.  Only 43 more days until Christmas!

+Susan Mallery is a nice author.  I hate to say this, especially since I like her, but her stories are a little to mild for me.  I have read three of her books and I always feel like if something is missing.  Maybe it does not have as much conflict as I would like.  Everyone was so excepting of everything.  The most fun part was the punch to the face; which I know you would just LOVE.

Usually with a character like Molly, I would totally not like her because she is mopey about everything.  The exception to Molly is that I understood where she was coming from.  Her entire life the people who are suppose to love her for who she is was treating her like trash, won't you start believing them after a while.

Dylan situation was not do bad, is just that he was not asking himself the correct questions. He was so sweet from the very beginning.  He made Molly feel safe and beautiful, some women need a man to realize their inner beauty and Molly is one of those women.

All in all, I had fun reading this book but I just wish it had a little more conflict to spice it up a little.  The love scenes needed a good bit of spicing up as well for I skipped those parts. They were just not doing anything for me, it was just blah and their was a bit of repetition in the book.