November 28, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

This was a very simple book to read.  There was not really anything that had me excited about it, it was just a story about two men who needed each other to survive.

Val Sokorvsky has a lot of anger inside of him.  After spending ten years as a sex slave in a Turkish brothel; he was saved and brought back home to England.  Feeling ashamed of what he had become, Val pushes everyone away but the one person who went through it all with him, Peter.

Now Peter wants to leave him and Val would do anything to prevent that from happening.

Peter Howard was on the same ship as Val when it was attached.  Unlike Val, who remembers everything, Peter was left with a big hole in his memory.  Now that both him and Val were rescued from the Brothel he does not know what exactly to do with himself.

Whoring himself is all what he knows how to do.  He wants distance himself from Val to find himself, but Val convinces him to stay.

Now years later, Peter still does not know who he is and living in the shadows of Val is making him go down a destructive path.  Can Val save him before it's too late?  Find out in Simply Pleasure.

As I've said before this book was okay, but not exciting.  First I felt sorry for the both of them but then I got fed up.  I understood why Val acts the way he does but after three years, can't he get it into his head that his father loves him.

And Peter allowed himself to depend on Val to such an extent that he cannot live without him.  He resents that about himself and instead of leaving, he stays and chooses to destroy himself.

Val did the right thing in the end and Peter finally got some back bone, but this story could have been a little more interesting and exciting in some way.