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I love Karen Hawkins and for those who do not know who she is, you should!  Just some helpful advice from your friendly online blogger.  I know I always say that I dislike a tease, but this time I could not help myself.  

This book is coming out in August of NEXT YEAR!  I know right, that is a long time to wait, but the reward would be worth it.

This book is the third in it's series and after this, my prediction is that it has one to go.

P.S.  The first book in the series is under another series name.  It's called how to pursue a Princess and is named under The Duchess Diaries series.  Sneaky, sneaky Karen Hawkins.

Now on to the cover reveal. 

(If you would like to see this on it's original website, the link is here.)

The Prince and I – Cover Reveal!

*happy dancing on desk* *throwing confetti* *drinking champagne from shoe* *clapping to the marching band* *high kicking from parade float* *kissing Hugh Jackman cutout* YAYYYY!!!!!
The Prince and I by Karen Hawkins

Bestselling author Karen Hawkins entrances in a merry tale of Robin Hood—in Regency Scotland!

Never cross a Scottish lass . . .

The daughter of a laird, Murian MacDonald seeks vengeance against the evil earl who stole her family’s castle. With a merry band of loyal retainers, she steals baubles from the earl’s wealthy London guests, trying to lure the earl and his guards into a pursuit so she can slip into Castle Rowallen and collect evidence of his misdeeds.

Never steal from a warrior prince . . .

Her plan is working splendidly until Murian waylays Gregori Maxsim Alexsandr Romanovin, the powerful prince of Oxenburg who is on an important diplomatic mission. Maxsim challenges the masked highwayman to a duel and is furious when Marian not only bests him, but escapes with a family heirloom! Max vows to find the red-haired Scottish vixen, no matter the cost.

And never underestimate the power of white hot passion . . .

But when Max discovers Murian’s lair and hears her story, he resolves to assist her, whether she likes it or not. Tensions between the spirited lass and the icily controlled warrior prince blaze. And when Murian is betrayed, Max is forced to decide – follow the strict dictates of his royal mission, or roar into action to protect the red-haired thief who has stolen his once-cold heart.

Available August 2015

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