November 27, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

There's just something about ware wolfs that's just hot.  And no, I am not thinking about Twilight ware wolfs, even though they were fun.  I'm taking about the possessive, your MINE kind of ware wolf that makes you mad but also can't help but crave them at the same time.  (SIGH)

Finding your life-mate is suppose to be the best feeling in the world.  You find the person who was made just for you and you live happily ever after.  

This is not the case for Sayre Murphy, her life mate wants absolutely nothing to do with her.  If having her life mate not claim her was painful enough, watching him give away what is rightfully hers to multiple woman was cutting her to threads. 

Having enough of the pain and humiliation, Sayre takes a stand and makes an ultimatum. Instead of the results she craved, she lost everything, including her humanity. 

Cain Hennessey has a deep dark secret that he wants to keep from everyone.  Finding his life mate is maybe the worse thing that can happen to him.  Needing to distance himself from her, he deliberately has his way with multiple women just to keep her away. 

When his sexy little witch gave him a choice he turned tail and ran.  Now he has to come back to protect what is rightfully his from the secret he has been keeping for all these years.  The question is, after the way he left, would anyone take him seriously?  Would anyone trust him again?  Find out in the 7th edition of the Bloodrunners series, Blood Wolf Dawning.

Man I came in very late in this series.  This is book seven and I have not even heard about the first one much less the rest.  Rhyannon Byrd is an author that likes to write paranormal stories that have a good bit of steamy scenes to keep you very interested. 

I am a fun of another series she wrote called "Primal Instinct"  which I recently acquired the entire series (I hope).  If you love ware-wolves and possessive men,  then this is the book for you.

Sayre is a witch with very strong powers that had her isolated from the rest of the Bloodrunners.  After spending years in self exile and to suddenly have your life mate, who clearly stated that he did not want you, show up on your door step?  Yeah, i would have been pissed to.

What made me really like Syre was that she did not take orders from no one and nobody could come out of nowhere and boss her around.  I almost wet myself when I read how cocky Cain was that Syre would not shoot him and when she did, the expression I imagined on his face, Priceless. 

Cain was a pain the arse, for good reason, but man was he a major pain in the arse.  He carried around this secret for all these years, let it fester in him and made him hate himself, all for nothing.  He thought little of his pack and the woman he cares deeply about if he thought his secret would drive them away.

I have to say, the book was going good and the suspense was killing me, but when it all came down to it, I was left hanging.  The ending was not exciting at all.  He lured his secret into a trap, the secret fell for it, a fight and the the end.  

After all the suspense that was it!  I wanted more and when they finally came together, it was not the fireworks I was expecting.  The foreplay was more intense than the actual thing.  

Beside those two complaints, this book was a good read, that would have you up reading until the end.