AN OCTOBER BRIDE by Katie Ganshert

November 14, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Now this is the type of fake wedding I can approve of.  Is your face like, WHAT? right now, well my explanation comes in the form of this review.

While putting the mail on her father's desk, Emma Tate accidentally knocked over his day planner book and a piece of paper fell out.  On the paper was her father's bucket list and everything was crossed out; all except one.  The one that was not marked of was to walk Emma down the aisle.

Shocked my this information, Emma knows that her father does not have much time in this world and wants to do this for him.  But who would be her groom?  She cannot call her ex-fiance of two years for this, that's just cruel.

Help comes in the most surprising place in the form of Jake Sawyer, a life long friend of hers.  He was the one to "propose" to her and set this whole idea in motion.

With this secret only between the two of them, can they really pull of a fake wedding and fool not only her parents, but the entire small town Midwest town as well?

Find out Emma and Jake's story in the October installment of A Year of Weddings Novella.

+Katie Ganshert was amazing, awesome, stupendous and just plain Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  Okay, I might have over killed it but An October Bride is the first book in the series that actually felt like a completed book.  There were no loose ends I felt needed to be further explained.

Love was what really drove Emma to do what she did, but what was Jack's motive?  It already had confusion for instead of Emma asking Jack, it was the other way around. (Mystery Music)

I was shocked that no one asked much questions, I mean this is Emma we're talking about here.  She take forever before she makes a decision.  It took her two weeks to pick out a paint color for her bathroom and in the course of a day, she's engaged!  At least someone came up with an explanation, a mean one, but an explanation none the less.  

Spoiler alert, Jack is a coward!  I know, not much of a spoiler but Jack did not have the courage to do things right that's why at the end he made me cry. Oh Jack...

Moving on, fun characters, believable scenario and a heartbreaking story about love and loss, this book would have you wanting to cry without the tears (if that makes any sense to you).