A SEPTEMBER BRIDE by Kathryn Springer

November 06, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I got approved to review A July Bride, but I already read this one and in the natural order of things, I'm reviewing this one first.  Hope none of you are too disappointed by me for not reviewing the books in the correct order.

Ever think that you need a second chance, or even a chance to feel like you belong.  Amy Price has that feeling, which was more like a longing to belong.  After the life she had, I ca understand why.

The most wonderfully unexpected thing happened that allowed her to curb her longing. A friend she met from an online book club, convinced her to move to her hometown of Red Leaf and run her bookstore since she was about to retire.

Feeling like all her prayers has been answered, Amy accepted and packed her bags moved to the cute little town.  In no time at all, Amy was welcomed into the bosom of the town and it felt as if she was there for years.  Everyone accepted her, everyone but one.

Jessie Kent does not trust the new little implant into the town. His mother, the former sole occupant of her bookstore, suddenly decided that she wants to retire and hands over the running of the store to a total stranger.  Jessie just cannot believe that his mother would do that, especially after what happened the last time a stranger came into their lives. As the deputy in town, it's his job to keep it safe from intruders. 

Just because everyone accepted Amy, no questions ask, does not mean that she does not have something to hide.  A perfect opportunity arose when the town decided to reenactment of a special wedding to the town.  Amy was chosen to be the bride since she was the only one who can fit in the dress and Jessie was chosen to be the groom out of pure luck.

Amy just wants to fit in and forget her past, but the constant questions and suspicious looks from Jessie were getting to her.  Is her past catching up to her? Would Jessie be successful in running Amy out of town or would Amy have her happily ever after?  Find out in the A Year of Weddings Series, A September Bride.

I know I've said this a lot but I mean it, Kathryn Springer wrote the best story in this series so far.  The situation was believable and the story actually had a logical end.  Sure the story could have been longer and still be great but being able to complete an entire novel in a few words is challenging.  I should know, I do that all the time and something always seem to be missing from my story.

Amy was a total darling that understood people unspoken language just as much as their spoken language. She has the power to make people feel as if they are important and pick up on their secret desires.  I need an Amy in my life.

Jessie is indifferent.  He lets one incident in the even to of his shaped the rest of his life.  He unintentionally emotionally distanced himself out of his small town.  It was cute that even though he did not trust Amy, she still made him laugh.

This book was fun to read since Amy and Jessie start off on the wrong foot.  Due to their past, trust is a serious issue for the both of them.  I liked that Jessie proved himself at the end.  More romance could have been included in the story, especially at the end but it was a great story to read.