November 21, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

I did not really feel for this book.  I especially did not like the heroine in it too, she was to full of herself in an awkward way.  She thought about herself way to much for my liking.

Sadie McAllister is the star of her own cooking show. Well, she is the star of her own cooking show in her head. She really is a private chef, and when she is alone in the kitchen she talks to her imaginary audience and look into the secret cameras.

Does she sound crazy, yes, but it's her dream and you don't mess with someone's dream.  Her life was going fine and on a schedule, just the way she likes it, until a family she cooks for is moving away and wants her to come with them.

She would get a higher salary and a chance at teaching at a school.  Not really having a reason to stay, Sadie considers it.  The only thing holding her back is her best friend Erick Davis. 

Erick has a thing for Sadie ever since middle school.  When he made a move, Sadie did everything in her power to bring them back to "just friends" status.  Taking it as a rejection, Erick played along.

Seeing as how Sadie is even considering leaving, Erick realized that he can not live without her.  Taking a big chance, Erick asks Sadie on a date and got nothing but suspicion and disbelief and then a big fat NO.

Not that much discourage, Erick gives it everything he got, but would it be enough to make Sadie stay?  Find out in the last installment of A Year of Weddings Novella, A November Bride.

+Beth Vogt wrote an okay book. I did not like Sadie at all.  Everything had to in some way be about her, either it be positive or negative. And most of the time it was negative.  For instance, Sadie asked Erick out to a dance in school and he said no.  She immediately thinks it was because he thought she was a freak, not taking into account that Erick was new to the school and nervous.

Also, when Erick asked her out, even though he is her best friend, she immediately thinks badly of him.  What kind of friend is that.  I know she had a traumatic experience when she was young, but most people do and get over it, she chose to dwell on it and let it grow.

Erick was just a sweetheart.  He's been in love with one girl his entire life and did not even know it.  That is why he his relationships always ended with him staying friends with the girl.

For Sadie to actually agree to go on a date with Erick, her friend had to bribe her with giving her a chance to cook on actually television to showcase her cooking (which did not end so well).

I don't know, maybe I'm being to harsh on Sadie it's just...she chooses to make herself a victim all the time.  Erick says he likes her, her automatic response is that he is lying.  Giving Erick mixed signals all the time and is upset when he reacts to them, I mean MAKE UP YOUR MIND SADIE!

The book was not up to par with most of the books in this series, but it passes as a decent story.  The writing style was good it's just the content felt like something was missing.  I hate that the book ended in such an okay note.  

We started with December and ended in November.  This concludes A Year of Weddings Novella and I hope you actually go out and read them all and tell me what you think.  I love to hear your feedback!