A MAY BRIDE by Meg Moseley

November 21, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Okay, not quite sure what to say about this book.  What exactly do I say about a book that I did not enjoy at all.  Is it mean and unfair that I think this.  

Ellie Martin has been saving for her wedding all her life.  She wants a big traditional wedding with the puffy white dress, and all the frills and trills, just like the one her younger sisters is having (at the expense of their mother).  She has it all planned out ... except she has no groom. 

Needing to de-stress from her life, Ellie goes to her secret garden near a church.  She found this place by accident and the garden was calling out to her.  Gardening relaxes her, so anytime she needs to relax, she goes there, without the knowledge of the owners.

On one particular day, when she was gardening; a wedding took place.  Not wanting to be discovered, Ellie hides and watches the beautiful ceremony.  That is how she officially met Grey Whitby.

Wanting to share the good news with her family, Ellie brings Grey home to her mother and sister where Grey was instantly disliked by her mother.  Ellie's mother was badly burned when she fell hard and fast for a smooth talker city boy and had to have a shot gun wedding when she became pregnant.

A few years later, he left her and their two small children, never to be seen or heard from again.  Being heart broken, she does not want her children to suffer the same fate she had and taught them that they have to wait to get to know the man before even thinking of having sex, much less get married.

Things don't go that way with Ellie and Grey.  Their relationship was on the fast track to marriage.  Would Ellie's mother allow her daughter to make the same mistake she did?  Would Ellie finally stand up to her mother and her controlling ways or would she loose Grey forever?  Find out in the May installment of A year of Weddings Novella.

+Meg Moseley did alright but I did not like this book in the series.  The story was not believable to me at all.  Ellie was annoying and Grey did not have much substance.  I honestly don't know what to say about this book, I really don't.

This was the story in a nut shell, Ellie falls in love with Grey. Grey is a city boy but acts like he was born in the country.  The mom does not like nor trust him.  Ellie marries him anyway.  The End.

Usually a book gives me something to work with but I did not connect with these characters at all.  Ellie was to "go with the flow" and thought that by getting married she would not have to work again. 

Ellie and Grey fought over every small concern and Grey's burst of anger were spontaneous and did not fit with the character the author was trying to create.  I even thought that she would break up with him because he was so not "there" in the story. 

This book just did not do it for me and I was left hoping for something more.