A JULY BRIDE by Beth Wiseman

November 11, 2014 Swan Creates 0 Comments

Well this book was a surprise to me.  Usually when two people hurt each other in this way, I don't like them but Alyssa and Brendan got me good.  I felt more for Brendan than Alyssa and here is why.

"Today is the day, today is the day I finally get to marry the love of my life.  After months of planning everything is set in motions as I walk down the aisle on my father's arm."

This was Alyssa Pennington's thoughts when she watched the panic in her future husbands eyes right before he turned and fled out of the church.

Embarrassed, humiliated and heart broken, Alyssa never wants to feel this way again, so when Brendan come grovelling back, she runs into the arms of another man.

Brendan knew he made a terrible mistake.  Leaving Alyssa at the alter was the stupidest thing he has ever done.  He does everything in his power to win her back, but all his stunts just drives Alyssa further away.

Would these two hurt souls find their way back to each other?  Is the damage so substantial that Dylan will lose Alyssa forever?  Who would Alyssa choose, the man who broke her heart or the one who does not hold the power to break it ever again?

Find out in an installment of A Year of Weddings Novellas, A June Bride.

Beth Wiseman wrote a very engaging story about heartache and forgiveness.   I could understand Alyssa being to hurt to talk to Dylan, but before things can calm down, a month was all is took for her to turn to another man.

Let's look at it from this light.  Your fiance left you at the alter, the next day he says that he made a mistake and that he wants you back. You say no and over the course of a month, he spends money that he can't afford to spend, to send you gifts to prove that he's sorry.  You ignore all these gift and start to date your brother's rich best friend.  

Even when your fiance explains the totally understandable reason why he did what he did, you still tell him no and goes to marry someone else.  In this perspective did Alyssa even love Dylan in the first place.   

I felt for Dylan in this book, I wanted to snap at Alyssa that she is making the biggest mistake of dating that jerk of a best friend of her brother, but I'm sure that she would not listen.  She did not even have the guts to do the right thing at the end.  Someone else had to make the decision for her.

My assessment of this book is that the author emphasized on one aspect of the story for the majority of the book.  She waited until almost to the end of the book to reveal the reason why Dylan left Alyssa at the alter.  On the other hand, my curiosity as to why he did it is what kept me reading the book.  Something that felt unfinished is the text message.  What became of it?  Did they even discuss what had happen?  I want to know!

I was expecting Alyssa to fall into his arms and tell him that she forgives him and dump the arse of a guy she's "engaged" to know, but no, she still chooses to make herself the victim even though she was pushing for something that Dylan was not ready for.  

Think I'm being harsh on Alyssa? Then read the book and tell me your views on the characters in the book.