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YES!  My first purchase ever online and it was to get the final book in the MacLean Curse series.  I ordered it and waited impatiently for it to arrive and when it did, with other books and items, I was squealing all over my house and my family was watching me like if I was crazy, but I did not care.

After all the excitement I waited a few more days before I read the book and consumed it within one day.  Happy and heart broken, they always say that the journey is what people look forward for rather than the end.(SIGH) On to my review!

The totally handsome and self-absorbed (yes, you heard me) Alexander MacLean could not handle a little lady like the lovely Caitlyn Hurst, so he orchestrated her invite to a private house party in order to seek his revenge.  Why you may ask, because she "embarrassed" him in front of the entire ton. (Even though he started it!)

Caitlyn Hurst is determined to redeem herself. After her disastrous London season, she feels a great deal of regret since her twin sister had to suffer for her mistake, even if it all worked out in the end.

Caitlyn vowed that if she ever saw Alexander again, she would apologize for her misdeeds and move on, this is why she was happy to see him at the house party she was invited to. All happy thoughts felt when by one look on Alexander's face showed that he has not forgiven her, which is not fair since she was not the only one to blame.

Determined to have her way, Caitlyn decides to play a bold game with Alexander, one born from legend.  They must each complete a set of "mystic" task that the one chooses for the other.  If Caitlyn wins, Alexander must forgive all of her rash behaviors (which he provoked)  and if Alexander wins he, of course, must have her in his bed.  (Men have such a one track mind!)

Now the game is on to see who would out best the other, and with this game came fun and laughter and a silent war in the house.  Believe me, this is a book that you would not want to miss out on, so go grab the book and read the final book in the MacLean Curse Series, The Laird Who Loved Me.

+Karen Hawkins is a fun and witty author that always finds a way to add humor and good fun to all her books.  This is the final book in this series, which made me sad, or maybe not.  The ending was not quite clear.  Has the curse been broken?  Not sure what I'm talking about, then get the other books in the series and read, read, read! I'll post links to my reviews of the other books at the end of my review!

As you can probably tell from my description in my review, I did not like Alexander much. He has such a big ego and thinks everything is everyone else's fault.  It was like Caitlyn was stealing kisses by herself in all those weird places, he was right there along with her, he even provoked it!

He wants to ruin her, RUIN HER, just because she said out loud in front of the ton, that she would get him to propose to her, that's it.  He was embarrassed and decided to ruin her just for that, not caring that it would also ruin her family too.  THIS IS ALL HIS FAULT!

Caitlyn is a bit impulsive and in an earlier book, I thought she was an airhead, but she's not.  She's kind and spirited and everyone loves her.  All the staff loves her and every man wanted her for herself, but in a gentlemanly way of course.

All in all, Caitlyn is too good for Alexander, even though he redeemed himself to me, I think Caitlyn should have made him grovel for a few more years, but she would have suffered as well.  (Sigh) The curse of love.  

Now as promised, links to my reviews for the rest of the series!  HAPPY READING!